Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rocking Babies and Staying Home

Sweet and Low

We babysat today. We have two children in our daycare: A four year old boy, and his 1 year old brother. They are precious! They are like a part of our family. The oldest has been in our care since he was a few months old. My children love these little ones, as if they were their own siblings.

I sat in my rocking chair for much of the day, just rocking the baby. He was all snuggled up in his blanket. There is such a calmness that overcomes you when you are caring for small children. It is a peaceful feeling. A blessed contentment.

We are having all kinds of things going on at home: Illness; Missing family members who are away; Car trouble; Haven't been able to go food shopping, etc. But the Lord is providing for all our needs and giving us His precious comfort!

Our car is in need of new tires. They are so bad that I cannot drive it anymore. We will buy some new ones as soon as we can. In the meantime, I am settled at home. I love being here. Errands will have to wait. It is an adventure to make do with what is already here.... I managed to find a nice box mix to make brownies today as a special treat. I also made a nice, homemade creamed split pea soup that was hearty and filling.

My 16 year old son is not doing well*. But he still enjoyed holding the baby and helping me take care of him. He is so good with babies! They love him!

When the children went home this evening, a sadness overcame me. I will miss them. We only get them a couple of days a week, but we do enjoy the time we have with them. Someday, the Lord will bless me with grandchildren. In the meantime, I am happy to care for the children of others.

Mrs. White


cherie said...

i am not sure that my comment went through so i'm posting again. i was saying that my mother cried after we left new hampshire for a quick visit. we really feel a lot of calmness when caring for small children. i hope your 16-year-old is better, mrs. white.