Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cupcakes on a Tea Plate and Mom is a Guest

A few years ago, my dear son (16) Matthew bought me a pretty china set. It included a plate, tea cup, saucer and tea plate. It was a dainty white with tiny blue flowers. I just love it! I still remember standing in the supermarket with him, looking at the display. "Oh, Matthew!" I said with delight, "I just love this!" He gallantly smiled at me and said, "is that what you want mother?" I nodded. "It will be your mother's day present then." He kindly picked up the box and bought it for me, using his own hard-earned money. My precious son!

Now, whenever the children set the table, they make sure I get my special plate and cup. Very often, when I am having a little break, I will put two mini cupcakes on my tea plate and enjoy them.

One day, Amy (14) got some mini marshmallows. She offered me some. I put them on my little tea plate and sat in my favorite chair. I put the plate beside me and ate in quiet elegance. Nicole (20) walked by and grinned. She then ran and told the others. I could hear her giggling in the other room, "What kind of person eats marshmallows on a plate!!!" The children are easily amused.

When I visited Rachel (my oldest at 21), we brought some luggage with us and were planning to spend a few days with her. All the children were getting bags. "Mom.... make sure you get one too," shouted one of the younger ones. Rachel immediately corrected her sibling, in her nonchalant way. "No, Mom's a guest. She doesn't have to do anything." (gentle smiles)

All my dear children have this sense of duty about their beloved mother. They all take care of me. This is probably from years of seeing me ill with cancer and such things. They know I am frail so they are used to honoring and blessing me in these sweet little ways.

What fun we have with our children. They are so precious.

Mrs. White


Dawn said...

You have raised wonderful, honorable children!
What a blessing, a gift for you! =)

Wishing you an enjoyable weekend ~


Deanna said...

You have a fine looking family.
Such a blessing you have with your sweet children.
God bless you all,
d from Kansas

Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Hi Mrs. White,

Thank you for your recent visit to my blog.
As I read your recent posts, I was abundantly blessed. I look forward to returning to your site often.

Catherine said...

I hope that my sons will grow to be as thoughtful and kind as yours. How wonderful that every day you have a special reminder of his sweetness!