Monday, September 7, 2009

A House with No Computer

In 2007, we had some serious changes in our family. We sold our business and settled down to a very quiet, simple life. My computer had broken so I was unable to write or use the internet.

This lasted for 2 years. It was a house with no computer.

I remember all the wonderful moments I had of peacefulness. I remember cleaning and tidying and sitting in my favorite chair. I thought of my grandmothers. They had a quiet life at home. There were no distractions or temptations from technology. They didn't have televisions or computers.

As I grew up in my childhood home, we had no computers. Life was wonderful. Everyone talked or visited or chatted on the telephone. ... When my husband and I had a family of our own, there were no computers. There was no such thing! It was not common to have a computer in your home! The thought never entered our minds. I have raised my children and home-schooled them, mostly without a computer.

A few months ago, my husband bought us a new computer. I have been back to work with my writing and projects. At times, I find the computer to be an unwelcome guest in our home. It is distracting.. . I have decided to challenge myself.

I plan to spend no more than one hour a day on this machine. I will break that up into 1/2 hour segments. Once in the morning and once in the evening. I will check emails, do research, write and then close it all down.

If I have something to write or an idea, I will pull out an old fashioned notebook and jot down my thoughts. I want to get away from this machine.

I crave a house with no computer.............

Mrs. White


Anonymous said...

I loved this!! So encouraging! I'm only 19, but on and off we've had a computer in my parents home. My dad would purchase one,and then it would break down and we would go for long while without it. When we did not have it,life was so peaceful and simple. We would read,write,talk and enjoy each other. We've also grown up with out television.Recently I have gotten a laptop,and it can be very distracting! I am going to challenge myself in the same way you've just described.This will help me alot,because I am getting married in 5 months,and don't need this distraction!! I'm sorry to see I'm the only one who has posted. I love your blog already!

Jenifer Helton said...

My husband sadly told me one evening "I wish I was a computer". I developed a serious addiction to Pinterest. I made a vow after reading this to do the 1 hour a day... 30 min in the morning after he leaves, and 30 min in the evening before he gets home.

Thank you for having such a lovely blog!

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