Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October is No TV Month

The Television Show "The Black Robe" Being Watched by an American Family at Home

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We all know what happens in October.... Halloween. During this month, there will be numerous commercials, movies and shows focused around terrifying viewers with scary or evil programming. This is why we shut off the TV for the entire month. It is hard to do at first, but once we get into a couple of days, life gets exciting again:

1. The children get involved with old fashioned projects - like coloring, running outside in the yard, organizing their rooms, reading more books, baking, playing board games, etc.

2. We spend more quiet time together - sitting at the table, or in chairs around the living room and laughing.

3. We read our Bibles more.

4. We are less interested in spending money or buying things. (This may have something to do with all those commercials we had been watching.)

5. We become more creative and start thinking for ourselves. (I once read something about Bette Midler. She said her daughter never watched television. She didn't want it to ruin her creativity.)

Personally, I rarely watch TV to begin with so this will be easy for me. It is the children who enjoy shows like: "7th Heaven," "Arthur," and an occasional movie.

We have gone through periods where the TV was never on. We even attempted no TV for a year! (gasp) Our normal routine, while the children were growing up, was that we only watched videos (old movies, educational programs, etc). They have gotten into a habit of watching more TV over the past few months. I think that when we get stressed or overworked, we tend to want to sit in front of a good program to relax. But this does DISTRACT us from a normal life. I am really going to enjoy this month. I want to see all the amazing things my children can do, without access to the "mindless" (smiles) television.

What do you do to avoid seeing all those terrible shows during October?

Mrs. White


Tristan said...

We avoid it by one way you mentioned - we only watch videos. We do not get any channels on our tv (on purpose) and it is a blessing. I agree, October's TV not worth watching, and November and December aren't much better for a different reason - all the commercials for the holidays breed greed and give everyone a case of the 'gimmies'. Enjoy your TV free October!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. White!
Over here in Italy we only get AFN (armed forced network)which doesn't play the shows like they do in the states. During the school day they only play things like Dora, Diego, blues clues, etc. on the kids TV channel so we don't really have to worry about the evil shows. We also don't have commercials so I love that about the TV over here too. Doing daycare I am only allowed an hour a day for the kids so we spend it watching two cartoons and then that is it.

Chris said...

We haven't had a TV the whole of our married life, 22 years. My wife hasn't had ever in her life. Our three children all grownup now may get one, their choice, but I certainly don't want the noisy invasive thing in my life.

Mrs. White said...

I would love to hear more about people who don't have a TV in their homes. I am amazed by this! (smiles)

Mrs. White

Michelle said...

Amen! We already can't watch much of what is on these days. My kids are good at turning off the bad stuff, but I agree this month is hard (well Dec. is just as hard for us too). Great post!

a humble servant said...

Hi Sharon,
We also do not have TV in our home.
Only a video player for the occasional video.
Even those can be too much at times.
We sometimes will get at library some old wholesome shows like Family Affair or MY THREE SONS and watch those. It is amazing to hubby and I sometimes that with all its foibles, the Brady Bunch is still pretty wholesome compared to what is available these days! We have not watched TV in years! So we don't know the terrible shows on there anymore! If you can find the talk by Geoff Botkin about the influence of TV it is really good. We just heard him give it at a Family conference we went to in August. Check on He says that even movies/films are very dangerous and we must be on the alert when we sit down 'mindlessly' as you said in front of the tube. It was a good word even to us with the movie viewing.....
Anyway........though my hubby was addicted (!) to sports programming when we first got married our decision to stop getting cable in those early years (for financial reasons!) has blessed our whole family in more ways than one! Thank you Lord!

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