Thursday, September 24, 2009

Review A Journey Through Learning Lapbook

TOS Crew Review

Product: The Desert Lapbook with Study Guide (Instant download / E-book)

Publisher: A Journey Through Learning

I never understood Lapbooks. I’ve heard homeschoolers talking about them, but I really didn’t get the concept. They just seemed like a lot of work and I suppose I am a more laid-back, (non-creative) traditional homeschooler – using textbooks, etc.

However, I was impressed with this product. I printed out the E-book. There are 62 pages. It is full of articles, activities and instructions. If you are new to lapbooking, this would be a great introduction. I found very detailed explanations describing what I was supposed to do. Here are some examples:

1. How to fold your lapbook.
2. Definitions for words such as “Cover labels” “Hot dog Fold” “Cutting Line.”
3. Pictures showing, step- by- step, how to create and assemble your lapbook.
The product contains several articles on the Desert, including types of deserts, the temperature, what insects live there and much more. It is fascinating.

One you read the sections with your children, you then do whatever project is assigned. This includes cutting, gluing, answering questions, etc. Next, the project is then carefully glued inside your folder (lapbook). It is designed to help your child really grasp the lesson and retain what they have learned.

This makes a great art project. There are many lessons you can get out of this, including writing, research, history, science, etc.

There are cute illustrations throughout. I really appreciate the vocabulary section at the end. You will also find forms where your child can write (from memory) what they learned. There is also a space for drawing.
Overall, I love this concept. We plan to work with this at a very slow pace. We will do one project each week.

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