Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mama and John's Bible Plan

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Yesterday, John and I came up with a Bible reading plan. Before I tell you about this, I want to introduce you to him:

John is my youngest child. He is the baby of the family, even though he is 12 years old. He is the dearest, sweetest boy in the world.

He opens doors for me..... always.

He wants me to be happy. "Can I get you a drink, Mom?" or "What would you like to do, Mom?"

He will not take the last cookie, if he even suspects I want it. I will say, "No, John, You can have it." But he won't take it. He wants to do as many nice things for me as he can.

He fiercely protects my honor. If his siblings are being annoying or irritating me, he will stand up tall, grit his teeth and say, "Leave her alone."

If I am crying or just full of sorrow, he will say, "Mom, how about we read the Bible together?" I am able to smile with that. Those are soothing words and he knows it. He is proud when he cheers me up.

I require him to do hard work. He doesn't always like it, but I encourage him. He doesn't give me any trouble about it.

John is a loving young man. He is the baby who was born while I had cancer. He has seen me suffer for many, many years. He is a treasure.

Early this year, he was baptized. Everyone who knows him well, can see what a good heart he has.

John loves singing hymns with me. He enjoys reading the Bible.

In order to encourage daily Bible reading in our busy, hectic lives, we came up with a plan:

1. Each day, around noon, John is to remind me to read the Bible.

2. He and I will read it together. We will read at least 2 chapters.

3. If he remembers to do this every day for a month, I will buy him a special present. (Such as a book, etc.)

4. We will continue this each month. It will put us both into a habit of daily, consistent reading.

5. This is something for just John and Mama. Our Bible time.

I will come up with a plan for the other children.

Mrs. White


Tristan said...

Sweet! There is nothing like that one on one time in the scriptures with a child. I've been able to do that with my oldest (she's 8), and it is a wonderful opportunity to see their hearts and answer their questions. I'm looking forward to the rest of my little ones being able to read with me too. For now I'll just snuggle them and read to them ;)

Your son sounds like a wonderful young man. I'll bet he has a great mom.

Tricia said...

Sounds like a wonderful plan. And a wonderful son.

bygracealone6311 said...

Sharon, I had a boy very much like you have described your son. His name was Cody. A very loving , gentle boy who love his mama very much.He was homeschooled his whole life. He joined the Marine's in 2007, when he was 20. He was killed May 21, 2009.Such a shock to his family. Hug your dear children close to you. You never know how long you are allow to keep them. Very sweet post. God Bless you. Lisa Sparks

Deanna said...

Dear Mrs. White,
What a precious child!
God bless,

Jennifer Perkins said...

This is so very sweet, a beautiful glimpse into your Mother's heart.

Sandra said...

What precious memories you both will have.

~*~The Family~*~ said...

What a good plan. I am sure God will bless your time together.

Beth said...

What a sweet post. I have a 12 year old girl named Rebecca who is like that. What a precious gift she is to me. Thank you for the reminder of our precious children!

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