Monday, October 12, 2009

Needing a Little Spiritual Nourishment

A few things happened today to cause me to be uneasy. (sigh). I know how to get out of this mood. I am going to just enjoy cleaning and polishing my house and I am going to listen to my playlist here on my blog. It always calms and soothes me.

Well, I need the Lord... it is like running to "Daddy," and saying, something happened in this world and it hurt me. I need your comfort. And he does an amazing job comforting me.

Hope you are all having a peaceful, joyous day.

Mrs. White


Dimple said...

And blessings to you, too!

Tristan said...

Hoping you are feeling soothed from your stress now!

Cherie said...

i need to call on the Lord, too, for that reason. i am a little tired, mrs. white.

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