Thursday, October 1, 2009

Review of Nature Friend Magazine

TOS Crew Review

Product: Nature Friend Magazine

Price: 1 year (monthly) subscription $36.00 (plus $2 per issue if you want the optional study guide edition)


Nature Friend Magazine is a science publication. It “upholds the principles of the inspired word of God, high Christian family standards, Divine Creation (no evolution), and practical Christian Stewardship of God’s creation.” *

Product Overview:

I received two issues for review: August 2009 and September 2009. Some of what you’ll find inside:

1. Story.
2. Scavenger Hunt (find hidden objects).
3. Detailed facts and photos on animals and nature.
4. Pictures and poems submitted by readers.
5. Word Search.
6. Crossword puzzles .
7. Quizzes, research questions, projects / lessons on writing (in the study guide).
8. Drawing lesson.
9. Motto for the month (in the study guide).
10. “Mailbox” – questions from readers, answered by the editor. One interesting letter concerned an incident of strange weather - a thunderstorm and snow at the same time!

This is a wholesome publication you would be happy to have in your home. I do have a personal drawback that would probably only apply to me… (smiles)…. You might laugh when I say this, but some of the photos made me a little queasy. That is simply because I am frail and do a lot of “fainting” at the sight of medical or science pictures – including ones of insects or animals! Of course, I am certain I am the only one with this problem. The magazine would be perfectly fine for every other family. (smiles)

Please note: If you choose to subscribe to the magazine and also purchase the study guide, it will all come attached in one issue. This is a great feature!

* The Above Quote was taken from the magazine.

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