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Review Sarah’s Wish

TOS Crew Review

Product: Book, “Sarah’s Wish” by Jim Baumgardner

Publisher: Tate Publishing

Price: $9.99 (Free Shipping and Handling)

* I received a free copy of this book, from the author, for the purpose of sharing my opinion. *

I found this to be a very interesting story. It was written by a Grandfather. It is a Christian book with a really good message. You will also find a glossary of terms, and an inviting introduction.

The main character, Sarah, is described as “a girl with grit.” Her mother dies suddenly, leaving her in charge of the “packages.” You will learn about the Underground Railroad, slave hunters and much more in this book based on life during the 19th century. The story is action packed and would appeal equally to boys and girls.

The writing is mostly very well done, but I did have a few problems:

1. At times I was confused. This was when a “scene” changed or a new chapter began. But this was minor. It did not take away from the overall story.

2. Granny, one of the main characters, had an accent which gave me some trouble. An example can be found on page 68, when she says: “Now, let me say sompun.” Or on page 91, she says: “These be mighty fancy fixin’s all right. Might have to ask fer a second helpin’.” One other problem I had with Granny was that she had an “unfeminine character,” which I didn’t care for. (Feminism) But I do realize she had to be tough considering the type of life she had to lead.

3. Some of the situations made me wince a little. These were things like describing the characteristics of some of the bad men – their appearance, the yucky description of their chewing tobacco, etc. I understand these are all minor things but I would like to just explain the reason behind my point of view. I am the type of person who wears a skirt and heels even while cleaning the house. I do not like dirt. I never garden. I can often be seen sipping on hot tea using a real tea cup. I am of a frail nature. My boys have never brought a frog into the house. If they had, I would have fainted on the spot. This is why I got a little stressed when reading some of the action, descriptions and adventures in this story. However, I am absolutely certain that my personal squeamishness would only apply to ME. I am quite sure that you, my dear readers, would greatly enjoy and be encouraged by this book!

My Overall Impression:

It is based on strong Biblical values. The story would hold the attention of any reader. It is educational and entertaining. There are more books in the series and I would be delighted to read them all (even if I did faint or have a heart attack)!

There is a nice bonus feature. With the purchase of Sarah’s Wish, you can download an audio version of the book. Full instructions are included on the last page.

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