Thursday, October 1, 2009

Something to Ponder

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In a recent post, I mentioned I would be reading "Urbane and His Friends" by Elizabeth Prentiss (1800's). Today, I came across a quote from the book, I'd like to share:

"For my part," said Apelles, "I envy those who love and feast upon the Bible; for, though I speak it with shame, I am lacking in that love. I read a passage every day, of course, in my closet, and again in my family, but not as my old father did. Once, when he thought himself unobserved, he has been seen to press the sacred book to his lips. And on her death-bed, my mother called for hers, and took leave of it as tenderly as she said farewell to her children."

The writings of Mrs. Prentiss are the most dearest I've ever come across.

Mrs. White


Anonymous said...

i just discovered this post and what can i say but wow! thanks for sharing

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