Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Special Dinner

I bought some new dishes at the grocery store. They are called "Blue Willow" and are English dishes. I bought a set of four place settings. (They cost $3.99 each.)

When I got home, I laid out our best tablecloth. I washed and dried my new dishes, then set them out on the table.

I put napkins and silverware beside each plate.

Everything looked so elegant.

I made a nice dinner and then served homemade cake (chocolate with strawberry frosting).

I closed the window blinds. The outside world was shut out for a time. We were warm and cozy in our house.

This all reminded me of my childhood. Mother always set the table. We had a breakfast nook in the corner of our large kitchen. There were French windows all around. Mom made a nice meal each evening and we would all sit together around the table. We lived in a wonderful town near the beach in Massachusetts. We had little money, but we always lived well and never noticed any sense of going without. Our parents taught us to work hard. But the greatest lesson of all, was to sit together each night to have our dinner and enjoy the fellowship of family.

When I got married, a new tradition emerged. My husband wasn't accustomed to sitting at the table on a regular basis. He liked to eat in the living room while watching some T.V after a hard day at work. This was a shock to me. (smiles). At times, I thought it was fun, but would miss sitting in the kitchen. I learned to adjust to running the home the way he liked it best and this has been a blessing.

I still love to have our special dinners (the elegant ones) at our dining room table. They are such a treat!

However, it is more often that we will have our "suppers," - a less elegant version of a meal together. There may not be any cake..... or a tablecloth... But there is good food and it is served at my dining room table. It is okay, on these nights, that some of us take our plates to the other room and watch a movie.

Mrs. White


Deanna said...

Dear Mrs. White,
Hello from Kansas. Hope you're well and staying warm. Our weather has turned out so cold and I'm not ready for this. It snowed some small flakes today.

I love Blue Garland Dishes! I have some and each time I use them, I enjoy using them.
I bought mine when I was a much younger woman and looked forward to getting them at the grocery store each week when I shopped.

God bless,

Mrs. White said...

Oh Deanna, this is so sweet! I was hoping someone else remembered buying dishes each week at the grocery store.

I am surprised you have snow already! We haven't had any yet. But the leaves are just beautiful, all over the ground, here in Vermont.

Enjoy your cozy home in Kansas!

Mrs. White

Daddy's Girls! said...

I *love* that you respect and honor your husband's wishes, even though they might not be what you might want, or are used to, or had as a vision for your family! God Bless You!

Mrs. White said...

Daddy's Girls,
thank you! Yes, it is so important to honor our husband's wishes. It brings wonderful blessings!

Mrs. White

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