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America’s Heritage and Adventure in Liberty

TOS Crew Review

Product: CD – “America’s Heritage and Adventure in Liberty”

Company: American Heritage Education Foundation

Price: FREE

*Note: I received this product free, from the publisher, for the purpose of sharing my opinion.*


The CD contains 4 e-books:
1. Elementary School Level -184 pages
2. Middle School Level – 182 pages
3. High School Level – 187 pages
4. Spanish version – 294 pages.
Each book is full of lessons, informative articles, projects, vocabulary words, games and puzzles. The books are designed to provide resources to help teach students about our great American Heritage.
You will find lessons about subjects such as:
1. The Mayflower Compact.
2. The Declaration of Independence.
3. U.S. Constitution.
4. Entrepreneurs in History.
5. U.S. Flag.
6. Religious Expression in Public Schools.
7. Colonial America.
8. The Star Spangled Banner.
9. Thanksgiving.
10. U. S. Presidents.

How we used this:

I chose one lesson to do with Amy (14) and John (12). I used the Elementary level book and printed out pages 65 through 72. The Title is “A Famous Signature.”

The lesson started with a quick look at what we were going to do. I was given the purpose, objective, theme, core knowledge, estimated amount of time needed (45 minutes), materials and preparation.
I read over the focus section to get an idea of what this was about. We started to talk about the signers of The Declaration of Independence. I gave the children coloring pages of the men, including their signatures for the children to look over.

I then had them take their time and try to copy all of the signatures. We talked about John Hancock and how his signature is the most famous.

I then showed them the facsimile copy of the actual Declaration of Independence (which was included in the lesson). I have my own printed copy of this and read it to the children.

The entire lesson really intrigued me. I wanted to get biographies of all the men to read to the children. We talked about how these men put their lives in danger by drafting this document. They all pledged their lives, fortunes and “sacred honor.”

Please note: Most of the information I just described about the signers, came from my own knowledge, or from my personal copy of the Declaration of Independence. It did not come from the CD.

In my opinion, the CD is geared more for a traditional classroom setting. It would have to be modified to work for homeschoolers.

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