Friday, November 13, 2009

Memories of Shopping with Young Children

Another blogger has written a wonderful post about difficulties mothers have with children in the stores. It is so encouraging! It made me remember some things about my own family.

Well, I had five children, 10 and under, and was ill because of cancer. My youngest was a year old and my Amy was 3. I used to have these pep talks with the children in the car before we would even go in the store. I would make the whole thing a game. They knew what they were supposed to do.
I would say, "We are going to race through the store as fast as we can, right?" They would shout "Right!"

And then I would say, "Remember, don't ask for anything!! I will buy you each M and M's and that's it. Everyone got it?

They would yell, "Got it!!"

I would look at the clock and tell them what time it was. I would tell them what our goal was, "Let's see if we can rush back to the car in 20 minutes!"

They just loved it.

The older two (Rachel and Nicole) would each get a carriage. I would hold the baby. The other two each rode in one of the carriages.  We would go through the store, all together, and get everything done.

There was a period of about a month, when I was on crutches (because I couldn’t walk without help) and I would follow behind the children in a line. They obeyed my every command. People stared. They were amazed. But those children knew their mother was in bad shape physically so they were somber and cooperative. There were times when I couldn't even hold myself up (now the tears are coming as I remember), So Rachel or Nicole would hold me steady and let me lean on them. They were so young - 10 or 11 years old, but they would hang on to their mother and get us all back to that car.

Those were some tough times. The children were so helpful.

Yet, I will never forget the worst shopping trip of my life. My 3 year old, Amy, was my terror. She was so cute, so precious, but also a loud one with quite a temper. One day, we were in the check -out counter at a department store. I was holding her because she was so grumpy. All the other children were right next to me. Then Amy flipped out! She screamed and shook her head and scratched me in the face. I was bleeding, but calm. She was so angry. Everyone stared at us. What a nightmare. I got that little girl home and she had her nap. I never took her out again in the middle of the day.
We all have our good and bad days. My children are older now and love to hear the stories of way back when….

Mrs. White


Steve and April said...

I'm amazed you took them shopping while dealing with cancer. My husband does a lot of our shopping, and I don't even have a major illness.

Thanks for sharing!

April E.

mommyx12 said...

Such a sweet post. And it is bringing immediate recollections for me. Meaning this very night. I had my 5 littles with me in town because no one older was available to tend them so they got to go along. We are in Goodwill and my 3 year old hangs out of the cart just enough to tip it over. And we were in the glass isle looking at mugs. I have a feeling the noise of glass breaking was heard all over town. Talk about rounding up the crew fast and getting out of there!!! After informing employees of course!!! What ya gonna do?

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