Sunday, November 15, 2009

"My Mother's Faith" Beautiful song by Cynthia Clawson

Lyrics, "My Mother's Faith" sung by Cynthia Clawson

My Mother's Faith (Irish Homecoming Album Version) (sample of MP3 Download)

My mothers arms would hold us tight.
She whispered Lord keep them tonight,
and so did we sleep sound and safe,
it must have been my mother's faith.

Morning would call the sun to rise
and open sweetly slumbering eyes.
She prayed Lord keep them on their way.
He held us in my mother's faith.

My mothers faith was wrapped about us,
like the softest down in winter,
And when the raging wind had found us
as in her arms we ever stayed.

At even time does for the field
reluctant moon and stars revealed
she thanked him well as thru the day.
As certain as my mothers faith.
My mothers faith would move a mountain
and was deep as any ocean,
but to keep safe those gathered round her
this was the greatest gift she gave.

When summer turned and we had grown,
her passing called us woeful home.
I kissed her then as there she lay
and now i know my mothers faith.

And so does she sleep sound and safe
it must have been my mothers faith.


Deanna said...

Dear Mrs. White,
Have a blessed week.
I enjoyed listening to this song you've posted.
Take care,

Jacquelyn Stager said...

I've had the CD by Cynthia Clawson with this song on it for quite a while. It is definitely a favorite. I especially love the words near the end: "and so does she, sleep sound and safe" ... they remind me that our separation from our loved ones in Christ is only temporary, as they await their own resurrection.

Janet said...

What a beautiful song.

Rosa said...

I just heard this song and I must say it made me cry, you see I no longer have my mother she passed 12 years ago. Wow in writing 12 years ago my skin got goose bumps. Like Jacquelyn said in her november reply the words "and so does she,sleep sound and safe" I know that my mom is sound and safe in heaven. This is a reminder that this separation is only temporary. I miss her so much it seems as if she passed not so long ago. Thank you for sharing this song.

Jenna said...

I heard this song a few years ago and instantly was moved by it. Thanks for sharing again.