Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Our Life at Home

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I had a lovely day yesterday. I did a lot of researching and writing, which was difficult, but then the rest of the day went well. I had a ton of errands to do. Most of the time I am sitting in the car waiting for someone. This time, I had Matthew (16) with me. We talked for about a half hour about church. He has such deep insight and I loved hearing his thoughts.

Later, I cleaned and enjoyed my kitchen. I listened to some sermons as I worked. Then Matthew came in and started talking to me again. He told me some stories about his friends and his plans. He is also having health problems again so we are trying to come up with a solution. Things get out of control for him (physically speaking) when he forgets to follow the eating plan, or when I forget to remind him about what is in the house for him to eat. (I buy him special foods.) He has been suffering for few days now, but he will get better soon.

It is amazing how clean a kitchen will get, without even noticing, when you are talking while you work!

We have a lot of school projects to do today and we are babysitting so it will be a nice, peaceful day. Amy (14) does such a good job with the babies and she earns some money to pay for her dance.

Yesterday, Amy started taking another ballet class. She is now taking 9 classes a week and loves it. She is doing pre-pointe work. This is why I spend much of my time sitting in the car. But I always bring a nice book to read or a notebook to do some writing. It is very peaceful. It will get harder, however, as the weather gets more frigid!!

I have to clean the kitchen again in a little bit. You know.... I can clean it over and over again, but it still gets messy. (smiles)

I have been enjoying doing The Prentiss study. This started on Monday. It is very relaxing. I love writing in the journal. I will offer this study again, sometime next year, but I have an idea to make it more advanced - a little harder. It is something that will bring even more spiritual results. I am looking forward to this!

Today, I will clean. I will spend some time sitting near the fire and looking out the window at the Vermont Landscape. I have been trying to solve a problem with church and keep going over it in my mind. I will pray everything works out.

Next week is Thanksgiving and my oldest, Rachel, and her Fiancé will be here! It will be such a nice time of visiting.

I want to share with you a special quote I keep on my wall, near our phone.

"Secret religion is the very soul of godliness." - C.H. Spurgeon.

My religious faith and peace come more from private daily worship, than anything else I could ever do.

May there be peace and joy in your homes today.

Mrs. White


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