Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What Daddy Gave me this week

Heavens Light

My Father gave me a couple of cassette tapes of sermons. These are of my Uncle Bobby (Daddy's brother). He was a precious, old-time minister, who died almost 15 years ago. When I was young, we would head down south to Alabama and hear him preach in the old church. I always cried and was so blessed by his messages. I am just delighted to have these sermons in my hand and I will listen to them with gratefulness and tears.

I had to buy a cassette player. I bought the kind with headphones so I can walk and clean while listening.

I also have a tape of the congregation singing. Have you ever heard this kind of singing? From dear precious souls in a rural church in the south? It is not a sophisticated, orchestrated choir..no... it is from people who have suffered in this life, but God has gotten them through it all. Their voices are the sweetest of all. What a blessing this will be to me!

May you have joy and peace and contentment in your homes today, dear Mothers.

Mrs. White


mommyx12 said...

Very cool. That gift will certainly be a treasured one.

Deanna said...

Very Happy for you! Wonderful for you to have.
This is a glorious picture.
God Bless and may you have a pleasant Thanksgiving.

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