Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Academic Assessment Test- Review

TOS Crew Review

Product: Academic Assessment Tests- Explore and Plan

Publisher: ACT Advantage

Price: Explore ($22.95); Plan ($22.95)

*I received this product from this company (for free), for the purpose of sharing my opinion.*

ACT Advantage has created tests to help parents see how their children are doing academically. Each (timed) test consists of four subjects:

1. English
2. Math
3. Reading
4. Science

I had Matthew (17) take Explore, which is designed for students in grade 10. Amy (14) took Plan, designed for 8th graders. Neither child enjoyed this test. It was not fun. It annoyed them greatly. (smiles). As a matter of fact, I have been nagging both of them for several weeks to actually sit down and do them. I finally won the battle this week and am now able to write this review.

I was not surprised in the least bit when I saw their results. I know how they are doing academically because I have been their teacher since they were babies. I really don’t have a need for evaluating their progress. However, it is good for them to take practice tests.

The kind of families who might benefit from this resource are new homeschooling mothers who are unsure about how their children are doing. These teachers will be able to see weaknesses so they can plan a course of action for improvement.

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