Monday, December 28, 2009

The Breakfast Hostess

Little Girl with a Toy House Cleaning Kit

From a very young age, I had my girls doing housework. They were such sweet helpers!

When Nicole (now 20) was 10 years old, she was in charge of the morning work. This was because she was an early riser. This sweetie, used to get up at the crack of dawn, sit at the kitchen table, and do all her homeschool assignments before anyone even woke up!

Her title was: The Breakfast Hostess.

Here is what she had to do:

While we were still sleeping, she would set the table, pour drinks and prepare breakfast. It could be as simple as cereal and juice (most often) or as complicated as a Pillsbury Quick bread (the only thing she could bake at the time). Once we were all called to the table, she, as our breakfast hostess, had to wait on all of us. Did we want seconds? She was to serve us. Did we need a spoon? She would get it. It was like she was a pleasant waitress who took care of us. Her job was to make sure we were all happy and enjoyed our breakfast.

Her manners were impeccable. Do you have any idea what it was like to wake up and find your smiling daughter, standing by the table asking you if you were ready for your tea?

The final portion of her job was to clean the kitchen. She had to clear the table, wash the dishes, and sweep the floor. Then she was off duty for the rest of the day. Rachel (my oldest) was the Lunch Hostess. (smiles)

Now that both of these girls have grown up, I only have one daughter left to help me with the kitchen. Tonight, Amy (14) was our dinner hostess. She cooked the entire evening meal, served us at the table and then cleaned up the mess. Such a dear child. I am very grateful!

Mrs. White

This post is part of my "Stories and Ideas" for  Teacing Home Economics to Daughters.

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SAHMmy Says said...

I love this idea! My 4 year old is the perfect Tea Party Hostess, but I hadn't thought to transfer her skills to real meals; thanks!

Illinois Lori said...

Well done, Sharon! I know that when they are little, it is easier to just do it ourselves rather than to take the time to train the children. But the benefits of that early training are so worth that little bit of sacrifice early on, aren't they? Hmmmm...let's 4 or 5 years when my son is out of college with an engineering degree, and your Amy is 18 or 19... :0)

Praying that you are still enjoying some lovely autumn up there in New England, and that the Noreaster didn't hit your area too badly!


Katrinka said...

Oh, so sweet, Mrs. White! When our daughter was about 4 (over 20 years ago) I climbed out of the shower one day to hear her talking to someone the other side of the bathroom door. I came out and found my best friend and her daughter seated at our dining room table, each with a glass of water and a quartered apple, and a napkin. :)