Monday, December 21, 2009

Do You Love Your Kitchen?

Pink and Blue Kitchen and Breakfast Nook

I have fond memories of my mother and grandmother in the kitchen. The old housewives loved their special room. They cleaned and baked and cooked. This was the room where they created treats for guests. Food is very comforting. Mothers of the old days set up their kitchens in a way that showed their personal style.

There are many modern kitchens of today, which seem cold and sterile. They look like they belong in a showroom. Personally, I prefer the old kitchens. I love to see handmade curtains, painted cabinets and pretty decorations on the walls. If there is a space for worn out cookbooks - all the better!

Some of the mothers used to have little tv sets in their kitchens. They would watch a little program while they made the family dinner. Or there would be the sound of a record playing or radio program coming from the living room. Mother would hum along while she cheerily set the table, filled glasses with milk, and baked an apple pie.

The Kitchen must be a place where Mother wants to be. She should put special little touches here and there to make it her favorite room in the house. I have a tall stool in my kitchen. I can sit and chat with one of the children while I peel potatoes or roll out biscuit dough. My health is frail and I need to sit. But I love to be in my kitchen.

Our cabinets are painted a dark sage green. My counter is hunter green with ivy leaves. My curtain is burgundy and dark green with decorative fruit. I have pretty welcome plaques on my walls. There is a red blender on my counter. I have sage green canisters. My floor has rips in the linoleum but it is clean. (smiles). My kitchen is old but beloved.

I would love to hear about your kitchen. I would also enjoy hearing about how you work in the kitchen with your daughters.

Have a wonderful day making delicious food for your families!

Mrs. White

Would you like to see what my kitchen looks like?


Steve and April said...

My kitchen was my husband's grandmother's kitchen. When we bought the house there was still a placque on the wall that said "Bertha's Kitchen". I took it down. It's my kitchen now.

My kitchen is old, too. It is a large room, but very low on counters and cabinets. I have ugly brown carpet, peach walls with cracking plaster, and a melon-colored countertop with an avacado green sink. It is unique.

But I have the loveliest yellow pine cupboards. I love their light color, even though there aren't enough of them. I have a breakfast nook we've turned into a make-shift pantry, although it needs more shelves.

I have an antique gas stove that I love to look at, and wish it were a bit less finicky at times. It still works, and it is serving our family, but I know its days are numbered. I'll miss it when it's gone. I can't afford to replace it with a retro-look-a-like. It will be replaced with a more modern stove someday.

I don't have any curtains. We have one window in the room, above the sink. When I removed the ugly green blind that was there, I loved how bright it became. I loved looking up into the trees outside my kitchen. So I didn't replace it with the valance I had intended. Occasionally, I have company who is helping in the kitchen, and they complain of the bright light at sunset. It's only half an hour each day, but it can bother the eyes. Yet, I still don't want to cover my window.

April E.

midwest mama said...

I loved (and miss) my old kitchen in Missouri, with built in wooden cabinets (not enough) painted a medium beige, with vintage copper knobs and hinges purchased on ebay to replace the nickel hinges somebody painted over, the built-in painted pantry, the green and beige checked wallpaper with the apple border (I thought I hated that when we bought the house---funny how you grow to love things you hate), the too-many layers of linoleum floor, the 5 windows that let the sun pour in, the old painted red back door...and the large farm table (covered with scribbles, scratches and just generally needing to be sanded down and refinished) with only 5 chairs because my youngest son tipped and fell with one of the chairs and broke it. We still have the table:-)

My children love to bake, especially the young ones. Yes, it's easier to bake without them, but why squelch a good and nature desire?

Deanna said...

Dear Mrs. White,
Merry Christmas to you! May you have a blessed Holiday as we say Happy Birthday Jesus.

I have grown to appreciate crock pot meals like never before! It's a long story and our kitchen right now is a make shift place while we wait for the new kitchen to be birthed. It was put on hold as we had to replace the roof on our garage and house. Since it is my husband that does the repairs and remodeling here, I have to wait and pray.

Praying that the kitchen will be created this winter! Oh happy day when it is completed. We use a microwave, small toaster oven, skillet and two electric burners. Very little counter space, no dish washer and metal shelves are used instead of cabinets. Pretty sure the future kitchen will have white cabinets, tan tile for floor, white appliances.

Our kitchen plans are drawn up and as time permits...she'll come to life.

God bless you,

joyce said...

Gosh, all the kitchens I've read about seem so BIG! B-I-G! And such nice places to cook with your children!

When I say my kitchen is teeny-tiny, I mean it literally. It is no bigger than a closet. The actual floor space in the middle part of the U-shaped room is about 4 and a half feet across and 6 feet long!! It is so cute. It looks like a doll-house kitchen. I just wish it were a little larger, but I am by myself and do not prepare big, gourmet meals.

I had my old 80's kitchen completely gutted in the summer, and it's all new, top to bottom. I even had a big hole knocked out of the wall going into the garage so my refrigerator would recess more and add a few precious inches of floor space.

I have laminate wood flooring, simple, light maple cabinets, textured laminte counter tops in earthy colors, and copper tin-look panels all along the wall behind the counters. Over the sink I have a large glass tile backsplash in lovely browns. It's gorgeous. I had planned to get stainless steel appliances when I remodeled, but changed plans due to the counter top selection. I have a glass top range, over the stove microwave, full size dishwasher, and 22 cu. ft. fridge - all in white. Although small in size, my tiny kitchen is efficient and has plenty of cabinets. I have no window! I had under cabinet lighting put in, and it reflects and bounches off the copper tin and the glass tile and looks fab. I have a few decorative plates and trays positioned under the lights. It's light and airy, despite its lack of square footage.

I cook for myself. The other night I tried to fry potatoes and onions like my mother used to, and mine were good but nothing - nothing like hers used to taste. She cooked in an iron skillet. Her diced potatoes were crispy brown on the outside and tender on the inside. They were perfection! Sometimes she would fry green tomatoes and okra (from the garden) together if she didn't have enough of each by itself. She'd batter the veggies in cornmeal and tip the plate of them into hot sizzling grease. Hmmmm. I can still recall the smell. If you haven't guessed, yes, I'm from the deep South. Alabama! My mother was a country cook and one of the best around.

I know all of you must prepare culinary delights in your big, homey kitchens. I know your meals must be tasty and enjoyable as you sit around the tables with your families. I don't have room for a stool in my little kitchen, much less a table and chairs! Still, I love my kitchen (small as it is) and the meals I prepare for myself and friends. Most of all, I am so grateful to God for my blessings, and that includes the Barbie-doll sized kitchen in my little place!

I love reading about your kitchens and how you use them.

Devildogwife said...

I am grateful for the kitchen that I currently have even though it is not my favorite kitchen. You see, as a military family, we really never know where we will be living or what our kitchen will be like.

My kitchen now is all white (not my style as I like rich colors in a home), but I have good counter space and cabinets. I have a nice large pantry to store all of my bulk cooking items.

The kitchen is connected to a living room & dining room area (which I really like). While I cook, my daughter and husband can comfortably sit in the living room area & play a game or watch a little tv. We are all able to talk without any issues.

My kitchen does not have a window, but the dining room/living room area has sliding glass doors and windows. I put handmade curtains on the windows to add some color and warmth.

Sometimes, my daughter enjoys helping me in the kitchen and other times, she likes to just work on a craft or play while I cook/bake. She likes just being near me, and I like her near.

Our table was one that I picked up inexpensively at a garage sale. It was not in good shape, but it was solid wood. My husband and I had fun working together to repair it. The table is actually a very large old desk, so it has drawers in it.

For us, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Many (most) of our fondest memories center around food. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. White! Your kitchen sounds wonderful! I have had many kitchens over the last seven years because we are a military family. I've had small kitchens where if you open the dishwasher it touches the stove (I was prego at the time!) I have had kitchens that needed to be remodeled badly, but housing said there was nothing wrong with it :( My current kitchen is wonderful! It is long and somewhat narrow (I can open the dishwasher and stand in front of it without hitting my behind on the cabinets (smiles). We have long counters and plenty of cabinets. It is white tile with gray counters. The stove, cabinets, refrigerator, and dishwasher are white. We have a door that leads out to the balcony which lets in a lot of light and there is a window that looks into the livingroom, so I can prepare food and talk to my family or guests. I have many small appliances on the counters and in the cabinets. I have pottery on display on the top of my cabinets. This has been the most wonderful kitchen I have had in the last seven years. I am sure it is because I have done some decorating and I have learned to cook more dishes while we've been stationed here. I will be sad when we leave this apartment, but I look forward to making many more kitchens the center of our home :)


Anonymous said...

I can't resist but to add a bit about my kitchen too! You see it is my favorite room in the house.

My Mom and Dad built the house my husband and I bought seven years ago. Being the youngest of five children, I grew up sitting at the low bar that surrounds the island/stove.

It still has the same old cabnets that were on sale at the local hardware store. The same classic stainless steal sink, looking out one of two huge windows so I can watch the kids play while I wash the dishes.

Last year my husband replaced the painted subflooring with hardwood flooring. I made some new quilted valances to frame the windows. We replace the dishwasher with built in bookcases to hold my tatered cookbooks, and we found an old 1800's cook stove at the auction that my husband installed this fall. The kids school books are piled on a small bookcase under the south facing window so they are easily found each morning when we start school.

While we have made some changes, it is still the same feel of my childhood kitchen. I even use my mothers crockpot she was given as a wedding gift in 1958 every week.

I have collected inexpensive uaseable antiques over the last twenty years, most of which are found in my favorite room in the house.

Can you tell I love my kitchen?

Homeschool Dawn said...

I so agree with you. I like a "homey" feel in my kitchen, and it is the most feminine room in the house.

We remodeled last year, out of necessity, not want of modernity. I painted the walls peach and the cabinets and trim white. Peach is my fav color and a pale hue is dainty.

Here are pics.

simplebeauty said...

Mrs White,

I just wanted to stop by and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy happy New Year!

Thank you for following my blog :O)

Debbie J said...

Ms. White, I enjoyed your description of a kitchen that is loved.

Mine is decorated in the eighties country style. Dark blue flowery wallpaper. Its definitely not sterile looking. I have lots of chicken things. I love a country kitchen look and I think mine is very homey looking, if not modernly decorated.

I remember my grandmother's kitchen with her wood burning stove. She had an electric stove on one side of the room and the wood burning one on the other side. She didn't want to get rid of it. There was no heat in the winter in the kitch, except the wood burning, so that might be the reason! LOL

Thanks for your comment!

Debbie J.

Michelle said...

Here's my kitchen (finally)!


Babs said...

Mrs. White,

I just found this post and I love it! And, I love my own kitchen. I adore cooking and cleaning and when we had the opportunity to sell our home and buy.....a horse barn! ....we jumped at the chance. We remodeled the barn into a home, leaving a tremendous amount of the character and using salvaged and scrounged building materials to keep it rustic. I do have, finally, my dream kitchen! It is a stainless restaurant kitchen (modified) with that big, deep, double restaurant sink with double drainboards. My work island is two stainless restaurant kitchen tables! The two small counters I have are scrounged cabinets from a remodel at a business where I used to work. I didn't even put in a dishwasher....I love doing dishes! I also made a pantry across from the kitchen (it is as big as my kitchen) so now there is so much room to can, dehydrate, grind meat, make soap, craft, bake bread, and just enjoy being in my kitchen!! I kept the beautiful smooth concrete floors without paint or stain to make it easy to clean. Open upper cabinets out of old barn wood, make it easy to access my simple plain white dishes. What an awesome kitchen! I rarely ever want to leave home.

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