Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Housewife's Pink Mood

Vases of Pink Tulips and Blossom on Table Laid for Coffee

Early in the morning, as the sun is streaming through the curtains, I rise and walk towards the window. I see birds. I motion for them to come hither. They chirp a lovely melody and enter my room to help me dress for the day. The dear sparrows! I sing and hum through the house in my apron, looking angelic and peaceful.

This is a housewife's "pink mood." While I am in this mood, catastrophe hits my home. Children argue. Drama ensues... Everyone messes up the house simply by their presence. But I am as cheerful as ever. I am in my pink mood.

I hum and sing and gently tap children on their shoulders and ask for help. They smile and laugh because my mood is catching. Everyone gives up their trials and starts to laugh with Mother.

There are rare occasions that I am angry (perish the thought)but this is how that works: I might raise my voice (shout?). This is so rare that the older children are startled. They hug me and say, "Mother, what is wrong? This is so unlike you." They make it better for me. They may even buy me M and M's to cheer me up. They love my pink mood and will do anything to help me get it back.

One day, I was sitting in a corner chair near the hearth. I was happily looking out the window at the front property. I was content and as peaceful as could be. Matthew (17) and Nicole (20) came over and stood nearby. They began to analyze the situation. I heard them mumbling to each other:

Matthew: "Look at her... Not a care in the world... she has no worries at all."

Nicole: "I wish I could be that happy!"

I just smiled at them. Then I got up and made some nice hot tea. I love my pink mood.

But do you know what? My house is never going to be completely clean. Yet I delight in polishing and scrubbing. I don't necessarily do this to get it all finished, but to enjoy the process of making a home.

My children are going to have their normal squabbles and my husband, at times, will be angry with me. This is a normal house, just like everyone else's. But what I wish for all of you, is to learn to get into a pink mood. It is like living with one foot on earth and one in Heaven. It is having peace that passeth all understanding. It is the most joyous place to be.

If you spend time in the presence of the Almighty and find your source of strength and happiness there, you will develop the sweetest heart for home and motherhood that you could ever imagine.

You may not always retain the pink mood, for our emotions fluctuate and cannot be trusted. We will also experience painful trials and tears, but our goal is to get back to pink as soon as we can. Tears are good for the soul, but smiles are even better.

May you all have a wonderful day!

Mrs. White


Jasmine said...

Thank you for passing by Far Above Rubies. Mrs. White, you too, have a lovely blog. I also placed your disclosure button on my blog - love it.

What a great Pink Post.

I loved it. You are so honest and gracious in this post. Thank you!!

Farrah said...

Thank you for visiting me. Please come back soon. I really like your post today. Ironically I just asked a good friend/prayer partner to pray for my spirit right now. I have been poo-ed on by many people lately and I'm worried I may get very angry. I needed to read this today. Thank you!

Devildogwife said...

A pink mood - I like it. The mother/wife really does set the tone for the house. My husband can come home after a hard day in a less than stellar mood, but if I greet him with a smile, hug, kiss, and a home-cooked meal, his difficult day seems to melt away. He loves coming home. May God help me to always create a haven at home...

Thank you for setting an example of being a Godly housewife/mother. Yes, we all fail at times, but the Lord is pleased when we honor him by doing our best.

Vivianna said...

Dear Mrs. White,

Thank you for your honesty and uplifting and encouraging words. Pink mood it is!


Tristan said...

Pink? I think I like lavender for me, but I love the sentiments. Now to practice the execution!

The Crazy Mom said...

Oh, now I get it. I am not to be "Mrs. White," but Mrs. PINK!!!

I want to be like this!!! How do I do it? Please write another post about HOW to be "in the pink" most of the time like you are!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of a pink mood. I know exactly the place you are talking about. My pink mood hits most after the dinner dishes are done and the house settles down. I have a cup of green tea and we all sit in the living room. One boy is reading a book, the other creating a legoland in the floor. Husband is either home or going to be soon. It is wonderful!

Mrs. Q said...

Love this!

Colleen said...

This is so beautiful and encouraging. Thank you for giving me something to consider.

Annesphamily said...

This was so uplifting and wonderful to read. I like the big family you have. I have one too! Lovely photos here! Anne


I love your photos! Very encourging story, specially for a nice, big family you have at're very blessed and yes, great PINK MOOD! Loving this.

Angela said...

Pink mood ... I love it!
I'll now know how to describe myself when I'm feeling exactly this way =)
Blessings to you.

Kimberly said...

Trying to get back to that "Pink mood" today as life has overwhelmed me. I am so grateful for your precious blog as it helps me put things in the RIGHT perspective for my life. I pray God blesses you as much as you bless me.

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