Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just a Little Winter Visit

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I have been so busy here at home. We had someone come out to inspect our house today. We are going to have the entire place weatherized. We are so excited. Our house was built in the 1850's and has quite a history. It was originally built by a lawyer for his wife and 10 children. We have some old pictures I was able to pick up from our local museum. It is so cozy and pleasant here, but it is also cold! So having the house insulated will make our winters much nicer.

We had our sweet daycare children with us today. They went sledding in the side yard and had a wonderful time with Amy (14) and John (12). Later we did a little shopping.

Earlier, I spent some time in the car with Nicole (20) and Matthew (16). They have such a different taste in music than I do. I also get stressed out when they talk about their plans and activities. (smiles). But I have learned to just listen to the Christian radio station or Christmas music to keep my nerves calm. After a little drive, we stopped at the post office. They were both wearing leather jackets and walked together into the building. I looked at them and was just so overcome with gratefulness that they are my children. They may be hooligans, but they are mine. (smiles)

Tonight, when I stood outside in our driveway, I looked around our property. There is snow everywhere and it is so dark, but there are Christmas lights so it is a sweet scene. But there is something more... it is a stillness in the air. ... A somber quiet and a warmth that you can only understand if you experience rural Vermont on a cool winter December evening. It is like the snow insulates the air and soothes you.

I can look up at the stars and shake off the cares of this world... It's like I am given the strength to walk back into my home with a cheerful attitude. I can then face my family, with all their trials and drama and troubles. And I can be the godly Mother with a peaceful heart.

Mrs. White


joyce said...

I love your home! I'm happy for you that you are having it weatherized. You will enjoy the coziness more, I'm sure. It must be beautiful there with the snow and the winter stillness you described.

I'm glad you posted pictures of your children. (I used to call mine hooligans, too! I didn't know anyone else used that word! LOL!) Your two older daughters are beautiful young ladies. Matthew looks like a handsome, "cool dude." Even in just the head shot, I can see Amy has that dancer's grace, with her long neck and the way she holds herself. She looks graceful and artistic. John looks like a sweet little boy. He's cute with his dark hair and eyes. You have a handsome family! I always enjoy reading about them.

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