Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Review – Primal- A Quest for the Lost Soul of Christianity

Looking for some ideas to ignite your lagging faith? Well, Mark Batterson’s latest book, “Primal – A Quest for the Lost Soul of Christianity,” may be just what you need.

Mark’s purpose in writing was to share his own discovery. He felt like he had lost his original motivation. As a Pastor in Washington, DC he had become a “Paid Professional Christian.” He was going through the motions, but had lost his heart for God.

The book is full of illustrations (stories), quotes and ideas. I found many of them to be encouraging. He shares from his personal life and includes some great lessons from people like J. C. Penney and Stanley Tam.

I did have a few problems, however. There are passages I don’t agree with. The book is also coming from a mainstream, or contemporary, Christian perspective. I just felt he watered down Scripture and didn’t treat it with enough reverence or respect.

During my reading, I had moments of loving the book and also hating it. It has its good and bad points. Nevertheless, the book was well written and certainly needed. Our current society is having a moral and social collapse. This book may help people focus on what really matters and start living more for God, rather than themselves.


*I received this book for free, from the publisher, for the purpose of sharing my opinion.*


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