Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Rose Legacy Review

The Rose Legacy is a long and drawn out book, packed with inconsequential details. The main character, Carina, is a feminist who chooses to make a life on her own. She makes mistakes and ends up in a terrible town out West. The book is historical fiction, set in the late 1800’s. The Author, Kristen Heitzmann, does a wonderful job describing life in a mining town. There are many characters to contend with. The area does not seem conducive to family life. It makes you realize what many went through, trying to obtain riches. The story itself is certainly well written, and interesting. There are two mysterious men in the book. One seems to be kind to Carina. The other has caused serious loss. I did love the fact that Carina was Italian and used Italian phrases throughout the book. However, I was often confused by her memories and mentions of “Flavio.” Some of the text was too “real” for me. I really don’t need descriptions of a man’s mustache or what happens with chewing tobacco.

*I received this book, for free, from Bethany House Publishers, for the purpose of sharing my opinion.*


The Crazy Mom said...

Mrs. White, you must have similar taste in books to mine. I do not like tons of details. Let my imagination do the work! :)

I do notice that most lead characters in those historical novels tend to have a feminist leaning. What I love about the "old days" is that MOST women were glad to be wives and homemakers. I get bored of the strong indedpendant type characters. You might like checking out my review of "From a Distance," which seemed to have a similar theme.


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