Thursday, December 3, 2009

Think on That Which is Lovely

I did some grocery shopping today with John (12). He is such a good worker. He unloaded all the bags alone and brought them up the stairs for me. Amy made a nice lunch and everyone is eating quietly while I put away the groceries and enjoy a happy home.

I am going to make lasagna tonight. I am going to have a fabulous day and think lovely thoughts.

Nicole (20) is being a treasure. Mr. White and I had a long talk with her this morning - just a visit really. Then I drove her to school.

We have been laughing the last couple of days. I have been telling them to be positive and make everyone else happy. I will say, "Just smile.... All you need to do to cheer up everyone around you is to smile!" I tell them they can cheer up strangers in the store or people we encounter in everyday life, just by being happy.

I recently watched a movie (Starring Sean Penn) based on a true story. It was called "I am Sam." The main character was so cheerful. He would say to everyone at work, "That is a wonderful choice." He had so much enthusiasm for life and wanted everyone to be happy. So I have been saying this all day long and it is making everyone laugh. It puts them in a cheerful mood.

The latest blog news here is: I am working on several reviews to post. I am also putting together a part 2 for my post about the computer. Please do not be alarmed about how serious this post was. It is simply because I have a serious reason. But I will balance it out for you with specifics in the next couple of days.

Have a wonderful day and please be happy!!

Hugs and love to all. Thank you so much for visiting!

Mrs. White


The Machinist's Wife said...

This is a lovely, encouraging post - but most of yours are. You put things into perspective, and have helped me more than you know. We share very similar worlds, and although there is pain in both, I am conforted to know (in a strange kind of way) that '...there is nothing new under the sun...'. My mam always tells me that, too. She tells me that somebody has also shared the same troubles and have somehow gotten over them. I sincerely hope your days are filled with happiness and smiles. It is a hard life being a mother, but a blessed life and full of rewards. We have to work it, don't we? smiles... Love to you and yours xxx

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