Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back to Home Routine

Afternoon Tea, c.1914

Yesterday was such a long day. Amy (15) and I drove Nicole (20) into the city and dropped her off at her college dorm. It was hard to do, but she had friends there to greet her and I knew she was in good hands. Her dorm is a suite-style. It looks like a small apartment. I am sure she will be happy there for the semester.

However, I am going through a withdrawal period. As can be expected, I miss her...

We have to get back into our home routine, even though the family seems smaller now. We only have 3 children at home. I have gotten behind in my housework and have much to do. I plan to wash my kitchen floor today and scrub my kitchen counters. I will listen to gospel music and enjoy the warmth of my wood stove.

It is 5:30 in the morning right now, here in Vermont. Everyone is sleeping. The house is dark and quiet. I will do a little reading before the family wakes up.

Recently, I talked about putting together a homemaking journal for my family. This will be a way for them to see how I ran the house, should something happen to me. I am going to work on that today. I will just add some labeled dividers to my binder and put some lists and notes into each category. It will also help keep ME organized in the meantime!

This is what I am thinking:

1. Weekly Menu. I am going to have specific meals served for supper each night. For example: Friday will always be lasagna; Monday will always be Meatloaf, etc. Do you remember those pasta commercials where the Italian mother would call her son home? He would get so excited because "Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti night!" (smiles)

2. Basic Shopping list. This will be like an inventory. There should always be two gallons of milk and four loaves of bread, etc.

3. My financial budget and plan. This will include information about accessing bank accounts, my savings, etc. It will also explain how much money is needed each month to cover everything.

4. Have a section for a journal. This will include what goes on with homemaking and new ideas I have come up with. It will also include memories of what the children do around the house to help me.

These are just some of my ideas so far.

This morning, I am going to have a hot cup of tea. I will make my bed and tidy my room. I will clear off my kitchen table and do little things to make my home neat. I will enjoy this precious day and be content.

Enjoy your home and families. I hope you are smiling and happy all day!

Mrs. White


Heidi said...

I know I'll miss my kids terribly when they go off to college. I hope getting back into your home routine takes away some of the sadness! I think your home journal is a wonderful idea!

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