Thursday, January 7, 2010

Book by Michael Landon Jr.


*I received this book for free, from Bethany House, for the purpose of sharing my opinion.*

"The Silent Gift" by Michael Landon, Jr. and Cindy Kelley is a very troubling, dark book. Frankly, I am shocked it was published by a Christian book company. The story itself is extremely well crafted. The author is certainly talented and can hold your attention with gripping twists and turns. There were some unbearably difficult parts that my sensitive heart could not bear.

The plot revolves around Mary, who lives in poverty. Her young son is a deaf-mute. He has some kind of "prophetic gift." The family goes through many trials and sorrows. I never felt "uplifted" or "encouraged" by this story. It brought out mostly sadness, troubled thoughts, and turmoil. It unsettled me. I do not consider this to be a Christian book, it is more mainstream for the general public. I felt this book was disrespectful to the Bible.


Anonymous said...

I am pleased to have an honest opinion, thank you for sharing. It helps us be more aware and mindful...

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