Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bringing Cheer Back into our Home

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It is a lovely morning. I have been doing our Family Bible study each night after supper, with the children. We have been reading 3 chapters at a time. I am using The Sword of the Lord Calendar and Bible reading plan for this. After the end of the month, I fill out a checklist and mail it to them. In return, they send me a free booklet or pamphlet about the Christian life. It is a nice reward!

Every evening before bed, I get to do my private worship. I am doing the Prentiss Study and I love it so much. It is so relaxing and uplifting.

I am able to listen to gospel music most of each day. It is like good "propaganda" in the home! I also plan to listen to sermons a few times a week, through These things really encourage and strengthen my weary soul.

My health has improved and I am able to clean and cook and make a home! It has delighted me greatly. I am doing short workouts each day to get stronger and build up my energy and endurance.

Yet, there have been some rough times. Nicole (20) is heading back to college for the spring semester. She will be gone in a week. It is a sad time, but also one of turmoil. It is like some kind of "pangs" of change that are overwhelming, but also result in something good. This is part of why I have been crying off and on for the past several days. My moods have gotten out of control. Part of my sadness has to do with the grumpiness that went on while she waited to find out if she was accepted back into the school! It was hard. But things are so much better and calmer now. I have my peace back. Nicole is happy so I am happy. If Nicole isn't happy, we are all sad or upset with her. (smiles). But now I understand what all the turmoil has been about. .... the gloominess in this house, that I could not seem to get through.

Yesterday I picked her up from work. I smiled at her when she got into the car, and said, "Guess what? I'm not crying today!" She grinned. "It's about time!" (smiles)

In this midst of all this, my husband came home from work with a rare treat for me. It was this beautiful bouquet of flowers. They are bright and colorful and cheery! There are blues and yellows and purples. Such a sweet man!

Nicole gave him a lovely birthday card, telling him how much she loves him and respects him and how he has taken such good care of her. She wrote about how she wants to make him proud. It was precious.

Mr. White and Amy (14) both have a birthday this week. So today Amy is having a lovely party. She has cakes and ice cream and chips and soda. She has set up our large downstairs room for this. It looks so pretty with a colorful tablecloth and pink streamers.

I will rest for the afternoon and enjoy a good book. There is lots of glistening snow outside my Vermont window. It is a precious day. All is well.......

Mrs. White


Jasmine said...

Mrs. White.

I'm very happy to hear you are doing well.

May God continue to strengthen you.

He sent His Word and healed them. Ps. 107:20 xox

Mrs. Jasmine C.

Deanna said...

Hello Mrs. White!
Life seems to be full of adjustments and changes. May God comfort you as your sweet daughter returns to school.

HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!! to your husband and daughter.

Shine on and may you feel so much better soon,

Anonymous said...

Here are two verses that I have posted around my home to remind me that I am the "thermostat" of my home. I have the ablity to warm or cool the atmosphere with my attitude. Or by the simple turning of my heart, I can warm the heart of my little ones.


Joy and gladness shall be found herein...Isaiah 51:3

A joyful heart is good medicine.. Proverbs 17:22

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