Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Hidden Computer

Amish Country Home

Last night I was just delighted to do some housework. I had on my apron and my hair was up. I put on some classical music and started tidying and polishing. I was enjoying myself so much.

Then I went into my shelves and found a white lace curtain. I took this and placed it over my computer (to hide it)! It made my living room look so much more pleasant.

I was humming and happy and cooking supper on the stove-top. Amy (15) came into the room, ready to use the computer. But she saw the white lace over my desk and was startled. She asked me, "Are you trying to tell me something?" (smiles)

Oh, it was a nice evening. We couldn't even see that horrid computer! It would not invade our lives, even just for a little while.

We had a lovely evening. It was an old fashioned evening. I enjoyed it so much.

Now I will use that lace curtain all the time, covering that wretched intrusion of our family's togetherness.

Mrs. White


Anonymous said...

what a fantastic idea! i will steal this idea for myself!!!! :)

Devildogwife said...

I like that our laptops can be easily put out of sight. Unfortunately, they can also be taken anywhere, so we have to purposefully put them away.

Weekends are usually family times for us. We like to be out and about on various adventures together.

Glad you had a delightful evening.

The Crazy Mom said...

I did have to giggle at the irony of you blogging about not using the computer! :)

Anonymous said...

I understand this, and my heart often desires to through it out, but my flesh says...but but but..... OH may HE lead us to the right direction....
Blessings and I am pleased you shared this post....

Mrs. White said...

Wonderful, Tami!

Heather, Laptops must be a lot easier to keep out of sight!

Silly, Crazy Mom. It's not ME that is on the computer so much, it is all my children who are constantly taking turns for schoolwork and such!

Andi, I realize that most of us need a computer. Technology can be such a blessing. But it is so,... well, so NOT old fashioned! (smiles)

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