Saturday, January 30, 2010

Resting in our Vermont Home

Southern Hospitality

Home is the coziest place there is. It is quiet and everyone is sleeping. We will have a pleasant day here in Vermont. I've already finished my morning devotions and had some tea. I plan to cut out an apron pattern this afternoon and begin hand-sewing. It will take me about a week to finish the apron. I'll just do a little bit here and there as I sit and rest near the hearth.

I didn't get much sleep last night. I am going to have to rest today. I won't be able to do any housework. But I will have Amy (15) and John (12) take care of things for me. They are such good helpers.

I am reading a lovely book about the Amish. It is so interesting! They lived such simple, devoted lives. It is always inspiring to get a glimpse of their daily lives. I will be writing a review for this one in a couple of weeks.

Amy (15) had a great night at a church event last night. She was so happy when she came home. I was sitting up in bed, doing my bible study. She was full of stories and news and the excitement of the evening. I am just delighted she has such opportunities!

I've been craving homemade chocolate chip muffins. We plan to buy a new oven in the next couple of months. (Ours has been broken since late last year.) Here is what I do to help keep the muffins fresh and soft and delicious. Once I take them out of the pan, I spread butter over the top of each one. Then I sprinkle sugar over them. The butter keeps the muffins soft so they don't harden once they cool. It also adds a nice flavor. However, once I finish that, the muffins are gone within minutes! We all love to eat them!

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Mrs. White


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