Monday, January 11, 2010

Review When Heaven Comes Down

When I accepted this book for review, I had no idea it was a Charismatic book. I saw no description of any kind, implying it was apostolic. So I was surprised when I started reading. The concept of "Heaven coming down" is wonderful. However, how does one remain neutral in a review when the subject matter is about a topic one has no interest in,and which contains theology that I do not embrace?

Here is my attempt:

"When Heaven Comes Down," was written by Che Ahn. He is a pastor of a church in California. The book is well written and easy to understand. It is full of encounters of people having charismatic experiences. (Frankly,these descriptions are creepy.) There are also explanations for the reader to have similar experiences.

In my opinion the book is for two types of readers:

1. Those who want to understand Charismatic living.

2. Those who are already Charismatic and want some inspiration.

*I received this book for free, from the publisher, for the purpose of sharing my opinion.*


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