Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Silence at Home

Waterside Porch

There has been a lot of silence here at home over the past few days. I have been sitting quietly, contemplating things in my cozy chair near the hearth. John (12) brings me hot cups of tea. Amy (15) has been helping me with the housework. Matthew (17) has been telling me all about his goals and plans. I have been somber and reflective. Early this week I was crying and listening to old gospel music about motherhood and just doing my best to cheer up. Things sometimes happen around me to make me fear or cause confusion. But my times of worshiping the Lord strengthen me; Yet those moments of worship, cause weeping.

The other day, Nicole (20) called me from college. I was so happy to hear from her. But she could sense something in my voice. "Mom," she asked. "What is wrong? Are you crying?" I could not hide my sadness. I started crying again. She said, "Mom, you are a wonderful mother. You have taken great care of us all these years. . . I love you, Mom." I was comforted and I started to heal.

Mr. White has been cheering me up in a precious way. He will walk in the door, with his coat on. He will just look at me. I will be standing next to the table, going through some paperwork. I smile at him, then go back to my papers. But then I hear something. It is a crinkling sound and it is coming from his coat pocket. I smile. I know exactly what it is. He has bought me a bag of M & M's to cheer me. I am delighted with this simple gift. I am just so grateful! He does this several times a week. I can almost guess by the look in his eye, that he has some chocolate for me, hiding in his coat pocket.

Today, I was feeling so much better. I have been thinking about doing some of the Home Arts to keep my spirit refreshed. I will go through all our old clothes and cut them into scraps and then start the enormous task of making a quilt. Maybe I will set up a box near my special chair and do my hand-sewing on these pieces, here and there, during my breaks throughout the day.

I long for quiet, and joy and peace and hope. I will just start setting my mind on those little happy tasks around the house.

I hope that today is a precious day for you. I pray you are cheerful and in good spirits. May your home be blessed!

- Mrs. White


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea, the scraps I mean...and I love how our children can do that. I too am thankful for the blessings from my husband....
Have a good evening!

Kimberly @ RaisingOlives said...

I love that your husband brings home chocolate to cheer you.

Many blessings as you walk the path that God has laid out for you. May He bless you with peace and joy.

Berry Patch said...

I love this post. It's true how it's really the simple things that can bring back some joy to hold on to. Well, and chocolate always works! ;-)

Debbie J said...

I love quilts made from OLD clothes. I have made a couple using my son's old jeans. I've been saving old plaid shirts for a future quilt.

I also love for the house to be quiet. I'm rarely home alone, but when I am the tv is OFF!

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