Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Worship Guitar Lessons on DVD

TOS Crew Review
Product: Worship Guitar Class Volume One (DVD and Book) by Jean Welles
Publisher: Jean Welles Worship Guitar
Price: $29.95

*I received this product from this company (for free), for the purpose of sharing my opinion.*

My children have always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. When Nicole (now 20) was 10 years old, we bought her a guitar for her birthday. She just played for fun, never learning chords or how to play anything in particular. Most of the children have borrowed her guitar over the years and enjoyed playing with it.

Recently, our family was so excited to receive a DVD program that actually teaches how to play. I tried to get Amy (14) to watch the lessons. She knows how to read music and took classes (by a private tutor) in piano, for almost a year. I thought I needed her input with this DVD. However, after she sat down with the guitar and started to watch the program, she got bored (or annoyed) and left the room. (Smiles) Frankly, my child has no patience! (I do have to say, that the introduction was a bit syrupy.)

Next, I had John (12) sit down to view the lessons. He has been playing the guitar for fun. Again, he doesn’t know chords or how to play songs, he just enjoys practicing. He actually sat through every single lesson, smiled at me after each video segment and actually learned some new things. I sat nearby, with the companion book and followed along. We both had a very nice time. John plans to start again, at the beginning, and take it slowly.

The DVD includes 7 lessons, with an additional 7 practice sessions, one for each of the segments. Jean has a calming, soothing, pleasant voice and I found the entire program to be a delight. Jean is a great teacher. She is very patient, offers good tips and explains things fairly well.

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