Friday, January 1, 2010

A Year of Godliness

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I plan to spend the day thinking about things. What would happen if I died by the end of this year? There are things I need to teach my children, or things I need to do to set an example. I want to make some goals to pass on some of Mother's legacy to my babies.

Here is what I am planning:

1. Teach Amy (14) everything I know about baking, cooking and sewing. She can already do many things, but I have not taught her everything. I will diligently work on one skill each month.

2. Slowly, bit by bit, give up almost everything "of this world." Whatever distracts me from a relationship with the Lord. I will keep enough for necessary recreation, but let the rest go.

3. Weep more often when I pray. I don't want a heart of stone when I say my prayers, as if I had no feeling. I want to entreat the Lord with all my focus.

4. Keep a housekeeping journal, so the family will know what to do when I no longer have an earthly presence. They will read this and see how I ran the house, how I guided their lives, how I planned and prepared their meals and how I prayed for them.

5. Start getting rid of things I don't need - like old files, paperwork,and books I never liked. This will make it easier on my family when I am gone. They will see only things I treasured.

6. Rise, while it is yet night, to observe a quiet time of worship and prayer.

7. No matter what is happening, no matter what it cost me (physically), have a set time of daily worship with everyone in this household. It will be made a requirement.

8. Teach John, 12 (who has dyslexia) as much as I can of the English language so he becomes proficient by the end of this year.

9. Make an effort to prepare pleasant meals and create a loving home for my family, even when I am ill, in pain or exhausted.

These are just some ideas I have so far. Would you share some of your ideas?

Mrs. White


TOSHeidi said...

Mrs. White ~ these are awesome ideas. I've been thinking of some of my own and will try to get them up on my blog today. They're in my head - putting them into words is a different story.
Thanks for sharing yours. I think I may "steal" a few of them. :)
Happy New Year!

Michelle said...

Mrs. White,

I really like your list. You have inspired me to put into words some thoughts which have been bouncing around in my head--along with some emotions which have been tugging at my heart. Here is my own list:

Mrs. White said...

Thanks TOS Heidi! I look forward to reading yours. And yes, please feel welcome to "steal" some of mine!

Michelle, I just read yours and they are wonderful!

Mrs. White

Tristan said...

I read yours this morning and had two reactions - first, I loved them, several were inspiring. Second I started feeling sad that it made me think so much of someone dying young instead of in old age.

I had posted mine this morning too:

5intow said...

Thank you, Mrs. White for sharing these. I have thought much in recent days about my goals for the year ahead, and have stayed much more vague.

I was so challenged by a woman I heard on the radio talking about the year that changed her life because she committed to give it to God. Just one simple resolution that changes everything.

If I get my thoughts together in a post I will be back to post the link, meanwhile, I'll read about others . . .

Brenda Emmett said...

What great goals! You have inspired me to post my own:

Have a happy new year!!

Debbie said...

Nice post. I like the way you are looking toward what your final goals are for your children and thinking about how to get there. I personally find it so easy to focus just on today and on this week without thinking enough about the big picture. I posted my goals here:

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. White! You have some great goals! Although I was sad that you talked about dying because I like talking to you even if it is just through here, facebook, and email. I pray that the Lord will keep you around for many, many years to come! :) I have thought a lot about my goals too and a few I have come up with are: Getting up early with my husband and reading my bible, having a family devotion at night before bed, and focusing more on my family and marriage. I get so caught up with my friends and hanging out and getting out of the house that I haven't really made a good home here in Italy. These are some of my goals :)

-Sarah L.

midwest mama said...

I know you will be blessed by your aspirations. Thank you for sharing.

5intow said...

I finally compiled my thoughts, after God helped me sort them all out. Thank you, Mrs. White for the prompting:


Lori said...

You know, somehow I missed this original post which prompted so many of us to share our goals for the year. Reading it now, after I have written mine, has made things even clearer to me. While it is somewhat depressing to think about "what if I died", it does tighten and refocus the priorities. For me, it focused me opposite of your focus (less worrying about the housekeeping and the scheduling and more focus on the relationships and the joy) but I do know we all need to pursue the areas in which God is working on us for the moment. Thanks for the inspiration and food for thought.

The Crazy Mom said...

I have already made it a goal to read your blog regularly as it is so encouraging and inspiring. I want to be known as a woman like you who has so much love for her family. (And yes, even when they give me chest pains, which they sometimes do! I suppose another goal is to get that stress test the doctor ordered.)

Laura Lane said...

So glad for you and your family that you were able to push through, and God has granted you more years to be blessed to be a blessing.

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