Thursday, March 11, 2010

As Cheerful as Ever

Good Morning

Home life can get stressful sometimes. But when it starts to crash and fall all around me, I smile and walk into my livingroom, and act as cheerful as ever. It is a catching behavior and sometimes the children grit their teeth, but smile right along with me.

I have been watching a lot of I Love Lucy episodes on DVD lately and I love how Ethel Mertz is smiling most of the time. She walks into Lucy's apartment all cheerful and pleasant. This is the ideal way to act, even when there is trouble brewing.

I also love the attitude of Debbie Reynolds, Donna Reed and Doris Day. They were such sweet examples, on the big screen, of happy people!

Mother, can you walk into a room with a cheerful smile? Can you choose to be happy? Why not spread some sunshine and joy around the family today!

Just for fun, watch this clip of an I Love Lucy Episode when Ricky finds out he is going to be a father! How precious!

Mrs. White


Heidi said...

If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy! A good reminder to try extra hard to smile even if I'm feeling crabby. :o) Have a blessed day, Mrs. White!

Deanna said...

Hi Mrs. White.
I'm growing more and more fond of the classic television program 'I Love Lucy' as well as the programs I watched as a little girl.

Now that's entertainment! Great to watch. Usually these programs have a great moral message.

I'd like to see some 'Hazel''s been a while.

God bless,
d from HomeHaven

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