Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lesson Planet Review

TOS Crew Review

Product: Lesson Planet - The Search Engine for Teachers

Price: 10 day free trial. Membership is $39.95/year.

Lesson Planet is a search engine, where you simply type in a topic, select a grade level, and choose the rating it received from teachers. You are then given access to 150,000 teacher reviewed lesson plans and 75,000 worksheets.

Subjects include:
1. Arts and Music
2. Heath and Nutrition
3. Geography
4. Research Resources
5. Social Studies
6. Education
7. Language Arts
8. Math
9. Science and Technology

Watch this video to see how easy it works:

I will share one example of a lesson plan I really like.

It is called, "Teaching with Documents: U.S. Constitution Workshop."


1. Lesson Plan.
2. Links to government website where you can print out documents to do with the lesson.
3. Vocabulary List.
4. Tells you the amount of time to prepare and the amount of time the lesson will take.

My absolute favorite feature of this program:

- The Calendar!

It has historic events listed on every single day of each month, with a correlating lesson plan. For example: On March 3, Alexander Graham Bell was born. Suggested Lesson plans are "Inventor" or "Telephone."

My Overall Thoughts:

While this is an amazing resource for teachers, it is a bit overwhelming for me as a homeschooling mother. I am not sure if I would spend the money for this. It is, however, a great product and would certainly benefit teachers in general.

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*I was given access to this product from Lesson Planet for review purposes through The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Crew Team.*