Monday, March 15, 2010

Loving Homemaking with Children

Evening Glow - AP

I have been worn out and feeling very weak the last 2 days. Yesterday, I slept almost the entire day. This morning, all I wanted to do was love my kitchen and make a home. But I was still very slow. I put on my blue gingham apron and started to do what I love best, polish and tidy and clean. I like to light a pretty scented candle while I work. I have a pink, tea-rose, scented one on my stove top. But I couldn't find my wooden kitchen matches. I almost cringed and got annoyed because I knew exactly who took them - My 17 year old son, Matthew. If he can't find his lighter, he will take my matches. It is almost like he is taking away a little piece of my joy when he does that. But I let it go and remained cheerful. I found my matches in our game-room and got back to my happy duties. A few minutes later, my dear son appeared and I teased him, "Someone took my kitchen matches." I said. "Please don't touch them again." I smiled and he smiled. Life was just fine. No one got upset. I continued to clean and make everything look nice.

I took a lot of breaks, but managed to do laundry, organize the living room, do schoolwork with the children, and even made a short list of extra housework I wanted each child to finish by 3 PM. My refrigerator is clear and clean. I have three pretty magnets on there. One for each child. That's where I like to put their "chore letters." I was very happy as I saw the children do some housework, right along with me.

I only had one little grumpy incident with 15 year old Amy, who likes to talk during school lessons and be just a little bit mouthy. I have to remind myself to remain calm. I have to be patient and smile more often than indulging in anger. Anger gets me nowhere! But patience is a virtue! I also have to respect her and try to understand that this is her sense of humor. She does not act this way to be difficult, it is just her personality and I have to learn to work with it. Soon Amy was an angel again and all was well.

By early evening, I was starting to wear out, but was able to begin a nice supper. I called to Amy, "I don't think I can do much more. I will need you to take over in a few minutes." The sun started to set and our home was so cozy and pleasant. I was ready to collapse. Amy came into the kitchen and finished making our supper. We had shepherd's pie. It was burger, corn, creamed corn and mashed potatoes, all layered in a large glass pan. John set the table with napkins, plates and silverware.

Everything looks so nice and home is the loveliest place on earth!

(from the very tired, very disoriented, Mrs. White)
Will you forgive my scrambled thoughts in this post? (smiles)

A little bit of cheer for Chronically Ill Mothers.


Dimple said...

Good for you! Working within your energy and asking for help when you need it are very good things to do!

Your girls resemble you very much!

Pam, mom, honey, said...

i wonder if it is the weather or the time change because i am just exhausted. i have slept until after 7am the last 2 days and am still tired

joyce said...

I hope you are resting and energized. The time change always zaps my strength and it takes me a long time to get used to it. One thing I love about being retired is that I can rest or nap during the day when I feel like it!

You should get yourself one of those long butane lighters - like the ones to light a barbeque. They're only a few dollars and are frequently displayed near the candles in grocery stores. I have a couple on hand at all times. They are great if you there's just little wax left in a jar candle. You can tip the jar and light the wick eaily with the long lighter. I love candles and keep them burning all the time. Right now I've got a Root candle, "Hosta" in the living room and a Keepers of the Light, "Candied Fruit" in the bedroom. My whole house smells divine!

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