Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Math Galaxy Review

TOS Crew Review

Product - Math Galaxy - Computer-based Learning

Company - Galaxy of Education

I was given the option to take one or more free downloads from this company. At first, I took only one. - Fractions Fun. It took a few minutes to get the program set up on my computer. When I opened the file, it was colorful, fun and exciting. I had John (12) use this first. There are "step-by-step" instructions making math problems easy to learn.

Once I realized how much we loved this program, I went back to get another one. - Decimals, Proportions, Percents Fun. This was just as exciting and educational as the first program.

I went ahead and took two more programs - Whole Numbers Fun and Pre-Algebra Fun.

Amy (15) and I played some of the games in the Fractions Fun program. We had to divide fractions in order to solve a coded puzzle. Here is how that went:

1. Amy chose the "2" players option.

2. She typed in our names - "Mommy" and "Amy."

3. The program said that "Mommy" got to go first. (smiles)

4. We took our turns solving the problems. At times we didn't know the answers, so we guessed. However, our guessing resulted in us beginning to understand the concept of the problem and helped us to learn.

5. Here is the exciting part! At the end of the game, the program announced that "Mommy won!" I was so happy.

Yesterday, Amy was using the Fractions Fun program. (She really needs extra work on fractions). But there is a feature called Labyrinth, where a game is played using robots of some sort. (Reminds me of pac-man.) Just as she was about to sit down to set up the program, I said, "Don't play the robot game until after you do the lessons, so you can learn something." Here's how she responded, "Mom, you can't play the robot games until you earn them from doing the lessons!" (Shows what I know!)

How much does this cost? Each program is $19.95 and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Is it worth it? In my opinion, absolutely. It is like having a private tutor work with your child. They learn so much and have fun at the same time. I love how each program is focused entirely on a specific concept so the student can master it over time, as long as they consistently practice on a regular basis.

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*I received this product from Galaxy of Education for review purposes through The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Crew *I received this product from Galaxy of Education for review purposes through The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Crew Team.*