Friday, April 9, 2010

I Love God's Green Earth- Review

Many of us are concerned about keeping our yards, neighborhoods and parks clean. We don't want to see trash laying around and we certainly don't want our children to be the cause of littering.  It is very important that our children learn to clean up after themselves, both at home and outside.

Michael and Caroline Carroll have written a Christian-based book to help with this. It is called, "I Love God's Green Earth." It contains 90 days of devotionals, which include a short lesson, a fact and suggestions of how they can take action. There is also a really nice quick list of 10 tips at the end of the book, such as "Pick up one piece of trash everyday" and "Save water by taking four-minute showers."

The tone of the book is very "hip" and "cool" to a degree and is not really my taste. But I am sure it would be helpful to lots of families. It also contains plenty of helpful information and facts, which is great!

*I received this book from Tyndale House for Review purposes.*


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