Friday, April 16, 2010

The Joy of a Clean Kitchen

Love Never Fails

The last few days, I have been feeling wonderful. I have been joyful and happy. I work hard around the house, cleaning and polishing because it gives me the greatest sense of peace to do the actual work of homemaking. It is my nature to clean and polish and I enjoy it immensely.

However, the other day, I walked into a messy kitchen and was a little overwhelmed. My husband and teenage son had created a nice meal, but didn't clean any of it. There were a few spills and a sticky floor. I suddenly realized how Amy (15) feels when I have her clean that entire kitchen all alone. It can be too much. So, I asked John (12) to help me with the work. I realized it can be a great blessing to have some helpers!

Last night, instead of having Amy do the kitchen work alone, I helped her. It was so nice. I was grateful for the little bit of energy I had. John also did a few of the jobs. There is so much more than just doing the dishes! We need to wash counters, sweep floors, polish the stove, clean the sink and more. The greatest moment is backing out of that kitchen, at the end of the day, and seeing how beautiful it looks. It makes my heart happy!

A few minutes ago, I cleaned up my kitchen and made a simple supper. I listened to gospel music while I worked. The sink was full of hot soapy water. I didn't even care that it was snowing outside or that our wood stove was broken! I was warm and cozy while I washed my dishes!

If you are feeling sad and want to cheer up, just put on a pretty country apron, light a scented candle, and start cleaning up your kitchen. Listen to a little gospel or classical music and find joy in your homemaking!

Mrs. White

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Anita said...

My 17 yo son and I just finished cleaning the kitchen. We had grilled chicken (from the freezer), purple hulls peas and squash that I put up last summer and skillet potatoes on the table for dinner at 6. Kitchen clean up was complete before 7 and now we have the entire evening free!!! So nice!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. White,
I read your blog often but seldom comment. I read your clean kitchen post and it sent a message to me. I was at the computer reading "put on a pretty country apron" I looked at my somewhat shabby amd well worn apron and thought "why not". I got straight up took of my apron threw it in the laundry basket, went to my robe took my brightest floral apron off its hanger and put it on. I finished reading your posts and went straight to the kitchen to start on my morning housework.


Anonymous said...

That's really nice Mrs. White.

A Candle to Read By said...

I agree with you 100%. There is something so satisfying about the kitchen being clean. It is really in many ways the heart of the home.