Friday, April 9, 2010

Late Night- Homemaking Visit

April in Paris

It is very late at night. I have been busy all day with housework, homeschooling and reviews. I had a few cups of tea today. It has been chilly outdoors. The tea is refreshing and warm. At this moment, it is almost one o'clock in the morning. My house is tidy and clean.

Matthew shined up our playroom. Amy cleaned the kitchen. John did the trash. I cleaned my laundry room. I also folded laundry and washed bedsheets and put clean ones on John's bed. There is nothing like fresh, clean sheets and blankets!

I baked cookies today. I also made two BBQ Meatloaves. I saved them for the family to eat tomorrow. I had a couple of errands which took me out of the house (horrors), but got back to work on homemaking very quickly. It is a delight to stay at home!

I watched a couple of episodes of 7th Heaven on Television tonight. It is such a comforting show! I have teenagers and life can get a little rough as children struggle with becoming adults. You have to be a "sharp" mother to keep track of them! You also have to be strong and courageous. Mothers cannot back down, or bend to the whims of their children. We had a good day today. There were some small trials but things got better very quickly.

I am looking forward to resting this weekend. I just want to bake and cook and enjoy my family.

May you have a happy home and enjoy a restful day!

Mrs. White


Homeschooling Mommy said...

Fresh clean sheets are dreamy! It always makes for a restful sleep.

bbmommy2 said...

Clean sheets are a simple pleasure in life.

You have lovely weekend plans, family and baking. Same here!!

Have a blessed day!

joyce said...

Clean, fresh sheets are indeed one of the simple pleasures of life. My favorite, softest sheets, along with my cozy lightweight blanket, are in the wash right now. I don't have a clothesline outdoors, but I love how the sheets smell and feel after they've tumbled in a warm dryer.

I spritz them with a linen spray when I first put them on the bed, and when I turn the covers down, the sweet scent of lavender wafts upwards, beckoning me to crawl in for some peaceful rest.

Colleen said...

I have just spent a fair bit of time enjoying your posts on homemaking and just must say you have such a beautiful heart. It just shines through your words. I am learning how to be a home maker...yes, learning. It doesn't come naturally in today's society. We aren't really taught these things. I want to reach a place where my heart for it is like yours...sometimes I feel I am at home yes, but my days are spent on silly things, that I waste time. So I read your posts and learn.:)

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