Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Little Home Visit

Table in Sunlight in the Garden

I am spending a good deal of time roaming the house, doing little bits of housework and enjoying the outdoors. I also set up a nice little spot in my laundry room so I could be near my new clothesline! (smiles) We have a small 13" TV set in there that I can watch during my breaks. I am enjoying Home and Garden shows, while the washing runs and the wind blows outside the window. I fold laundry and hang clothes on the line while I enjoy a program or two. Then I walk through the house, tidying up things with a cheery smile on my face.

Amy (15) spent the last couple of hours laying on a blanket on the front lawn, while doing her homework! She has a beverage, a pair of sunglasses, some pens and a Science book. It is delightful to see her enjoying the nice weather and still doing her schoolwork.

I just finished giving John (12) his spelling lesson. Now he has run outdoors to ride his bike. Then he will write a story for me.

Matthew (17) is getting ready to go on an errand with me a little later. But first, he will study Arithmetic.

I am going to sweep down the steps and shine up my kitchen before I go back outdoors.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Mrs. White


Deanna said...

Dear Mrs. White,
May you have a wonderful week with your family. Happy Wednesday to you.

A little TV in the Utility Room would be a nice feature to have. I have a little Black and White TV hidden in storage that I bought for $12. Think I'll locate her and put in my laundryroom!

God bless you,

Jennifer Perkins said...

Your sweet blog has been such an encouragement to me lately. Thank you for sharing your homemaking efforts here, they inspire me to do better with my own home.


(from Connie's group - and we miss you there!)

eph2810 said...

Laundry dried by the sun has a beautiful smell :)

So neat that you have/are home-schooling your 5 kids. What an adventure to teach your kids.

Love & peace,

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