Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Blog Anniversary and a Baking Invitation

Happy Anniversary, Roses

Today is my one-year blogging anniversary. I would love to make this day special for you, my dear readers.  Here is what I am going to do - Some baking with you and a giveaway!

Are you ready to Bake?

Today, I am making a chocolate fudge cake with dark chocolate frosting.  I am using a Betty Crocker Cake mix - very easy. I have to tell you a little story about cake mixes.... Several years ago, I read a delightful book written by the Nanny of Jackie Kennedy's children. It is called, "Cooking for Madam" by Marta Sgubin.  (She later became Jackie's cook.) She loved watching the chefs in the kitchen and one day, she made a box cake mix. Aristotle Onassis loved it so much, he wouldn't let the chefs make homemade cakes anymore. He only wanted those box mixes! Honestly, they are wonderful and inexpensive!

How about you? Are you ready to bake with me today? Let's put on our aprons and get to work! Please share a recipe or cooking idea (for a celebration) in the comment section. Ask a baking question, or share a tip. Tell us what you baked recently that your family enjoyed. Do you have a favorite cookbook? Let us know! Will you bake something special today and tell us about it? How about having one of your children make cookies or cupcakes with you. Most of all, have fun and I hope to interact with you throughout the day in the comments section.

In a little while, I will be posting a giveaway designed just for housewives! Stay tuned!!

Mrs. White

* Some of my friends on the TOS Crew team, are having their one-year anniversaries this week too. I hope you will visit them:  Loving Learning at Home  and  Our Homeschool Studio.*


Heather said...

Happy Anniversary!! What a fun idea. I am not the best cook, but my 15 year old son is wonderful. Recently, we began using more organic ingrediants and he replaced the sugar in our favorite cake recipe with agave nectar--it was the best cake I ever had--unusually moist and yummy. Anyway, Congrats--I'm glad you're blogging:)

Angie said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!
Oh, i LOVE to bake!! Just yesterday i did a practice run of a cake i am scheduled to make for a baby shower next week: it was a white cake (thank you Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook), w/ homemade white chocolate frosting (my creation) & homemade marshmallow fondant. We were testing the cake, the frosting, & the fondant before the Big Day, & it was awesome!

We have a field trip today, so i don't know if i will be in the kitchen much, so i hope my baking from yesterday counts. ;)

My favorite baking tip (i figured this out on my own over a decade ago) is to take your cookies out of the oven just before you think they are done, then let them set for a minute on the pan, then place them on paper towels. Yum!

Mrs. White said...

Thanks Heather! What is agave nectar? Is it expensive? I'd love to try it. My son cooks and bakes too! He does a great job!

Mrs. White said...

Thanks Angie!
That sounds so much fun to make a practice cake! I bet it was wonderful! My goodness that sounds delicious!! How do you make a marshmallow fondant? I am certainly not a fancy cake baking expert but would love to be!
Love the cookie baking tip!

HillaryM said...

Happy Anniversary! Thanks for linking to my blog. What a fun year it has been.
I think we may bake some cupcakes today--probably chocolate, now that I have that scrumptious thought from your post :) My children thank you! When having many little helpers, I try to find a job for each of them. The favorite is to lick the bowl--we all share that one!

Tristan said...

Happy Anniversary! I just finished eating homemade biscuits with my children for a snack. Mmm! Buttery goodness. We had some with peanut butter, others with apple butter, and plain worked just as well. My recipe is just a basic drop biscuit from Betty Crocker.

Mrs. White said...

Happy Anniversary to you too, Hillary!

Cupcakes sound wonderful!

Mrs. White said...

Thanks Tristan!
Biscuits make a great snack! They are so filling too. I love them with blackberry jam. I haven't tried apple butter, but that sounds good too!

Cindy said...

Happy Anniversary! I am in a baking mode myself. We just celebrated my sons 6th birthday. We always let the children choose what type of cake they want and what meal they would like for their birthday. He chose a yellow cake with chocolate icing and corn dogs and frenchfries...what could be simpler. :) I ended up making him a dinosaur cake. (And yes, I also used a box mix) In a few days is my birthday...not sure I want to make a cake again...cheesecake sounds good though. :) Then 3 days later my daughter turns four. She has already requested a strawberry cake. She likes all things pink. :) I enjoy your blog!

Mrs. White said...

Thank you Cindy!

You made a dinosaur cake!! Wow that is creative. I should really try something like that for my son's birthday this summer. I love the easy birthday dinner your son chose. We let the children choose their birthday meal too. It makes the day extra special for them. Cheesecake for your birthday sounds fabulous! A strawberry, pink cake is adorable. I made a chocolate cake recently with strawberry frosting and loved it. But my husband didn't like it at all. I guess I will have to make two kinds of cake next time!

midwest mama said...

Happy Anniversary, dear Mrs. White!

We are going to (try) to bake something extra special (crazy?!) today...was going to do it tomorrow, but moved it up for your special day. I'll give you a hint...we are studying lighthouses! I'll post pics when it's done (whether it's successful or not-grin).

Mrs. White said...

Thanks so much, Midwest Mama!!

I wonder what you can bake in regard to a lighthouse... Hmm... a lighthouse cake? You are so creative!!I can't wait to see your pictures!

Nikki said...

We baked Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread. We call it Money Bread around here though:)

I'll post a pic later over at my blog!

Happy Bloggy Aniversary!!!!

Mrs. White said...

Thanks Nikki!

What a great idea! I love cinnamon bread. I used to make it many years ago, but just forgot all about it. Thanks for the reminder!

I look forward to seeing the picture!

Anonymous said...

Happy blog anniversary! I like to bake old fashioned hand kneeded whole wheat bread. It helps me de-stress and I learned the aroma rids depression!

Anonymous said...

Yikes! I just noticed that I posted a comment for this post (about the Agave Nectar) on your "Review - Sue Gregg - Introducing Whole Foods Cooking" post! My apologies.

By the way, I SO SO SO SO SO relate to your comment about 'healing your body with whole foods' as this is what our family is working towards right now. For so long I ate so poorly; bad habits growing up, finicky taste buds and also in more recent years nausea (a medication side effect).

Healthy eating at first, truly feels like a full time job. But oh! the rewards are already so encouraging. Also, it is so nice to eat things more in the manner that God has created and 'presents them' to us (with the least processing/cooking-even, possible).

grateful for His grip, HveHope

Deanna said...

Dear Mrs. White,

CONGRATS to you on your one year anniversary of BLOGGING!!!!!

So glad you are blogging and blessing others with The Legacy of Home. Always a delight to visit you and to hear from you.

God Bless,

Mrs. White said...

Thanks Rosemi! The bread sounds great!!

Mrs. White said...

Thanks okay, HveHope! The Sue Gregg post is about health so the Agave Nectar comment fit in just right over there too!

You'll be glad to know that I just bought some fresh organic broccoli and carrots to go with our supper tonight. I can imagine myself feeling healthy just thinking about it!

Mrs. White said...

Thanks So much Deanna! I am delighted to have you visit! I'll be visiting your blog soon for some tea!

Kimberly Kovach said...

Happy Anniversary to you! I am visiting family in TN so no baking today, but do have a little hint to share. "Violet", my oldest decorates cakes. Many people ask if she has a special cake recipe because her cakes are so moist and delicious. Her secret-Pudding in the Mix cake mix gotten on a Buy 1 Get 1 Free sale. After baking the cake she puts it in the freezer and lets it totally freeze. She then frosts and decorates it. The freezing helps to keep the cake extremely moist.

Michelle said...

Happy anniversary, Mrs. White! I actually took a day off baking today. We had leftover Scottish oatcakes and leftover oatmeal with eggs this morning. However, tomorrow morning I am planning to bake scones! :)

Michelle said...

Forgot to say, your giveaway is great! =)

Michelle said...

We limit processed foods {including white sugar and white flour}, so sometimes you a stumbling block to me because I try so hard to only give my family healthy foods that are good for them . . . and though my spirit is strong, my flesh is weak. I don't want to turn back to my old ways and I am willing to die to my flesh . . . but you make it so tempting {and easy} to want to give in! {Would you believe I have not bought a store bought cake mix in over 4 years!} Yes, it is easier, but easier is not always better.

Happy Blogiversary. =) I made a broccoli cheddar quiche with a mashed potato crust for lunch yesterday - my kids were so delighted! =)

Mrs. White said...

Thanks Kimberly! I have never thought of freezing a cake! But then again, I do love those frozen Pepperidge farm cakes! Thanks for the idea!

Mrs. White said...

Thanks Michelle! Scones sound wonderful!!

Mrs. White said...

Michelle, I'm sorry!! (smiles) I will work on cutting back on the unhealthy foods posts!

That quiche sounds great!!


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