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Review - Sue Gregg - Introducing Whole Foods Cooking

TOS Crew Review

Product - Comb Bound book, Introducing Whole Foods Cooking by Rich and Sue Gregg

Price - $17

Publisher - Sue Gregg Cookbooks -You will find plenty of free resources and recipes at this site.

The original version of this book was co-authored with Emilie Barnes, and titled "The Busy Woman's Guide to Healthy Eating." It was published in 2002 and is no longer in print. "Introducing Whole Foods Cooking" is the latest version of this book and was written by Sue (who has a degree in Home Economics) and her husband Rich.  I love this picture of Sue serving Emilie a home cooked meal:

For many years, I have seen pictures of Sue, in her charming apron, promoting her healthy cooking methods in some of my favorite homeschooling magazines.  I always wanted to buy one of her cookbooks, but at the time, I wasn't sure exactly what she meant by healthy foods!

It wasn't until I was pregnant with my fifth child, and diagnosed with cancer that I started studying about health and real nutrition. I was shocked to find out that our food pyramid guide and processed foods were not really good for me. All of a sudden, I was eating only health food. You would not have seen me with a cola, candy bar, or any kind of processed food. I ate only nutritious, whole foods to the best of my knowledge.

Over time, when my body healed and the threat of imminent death was gone, I went back to eating processed food, even though I knew better!  Here and there, I have been trying to get back to a focused eating plan that is actually life-sustaining. So I was delighted when I was given a copy of Sue's book, "Introducing Whole Foods Cooking - for health and hospitality."  I learned a few new things and was encouraged and reminded of things I already knew and appreciated.

One item that stands out from this book, for me, is to soak oats for a certain number of hours before serving oatmeal. I am amazed I never heard of this before. But it actually prepares the oats so that the body is able to absorb the nutrients. It also makes it easier to digest. Very interesting!

The book contains an entire condensed education on nutrition and whole foods. You'll find short chapters that are inspiring, informative, encouraging, and helpful. It feels like the Greggs are your personal coaches who want the best for you.  You'll find plenty of Scripture throughout this Biblically based book.

Some of what you'll find inside:  Recipes, Menus, Cooking tips, a Guide to Measurement equivalents, and Ideas for a Tight Budget. There is also a lovely section about serving and connecting.

In the back of the book, there is a CD containing a power-point presentation. Pop this into your computer and be amazed!  You'll hear lovely background music and see beautiful color photographs. Click on each one and you will be taken to a full-color lesson, with step-by-step pictures and text to clearly describe the recipes and ideas. An example is for a Basic Shake. From the ingredients, to the use of the blender, everything is made easy for you, or your students. This CD is an exceptional resource to help you teach home economics. My favorite section is a charming photo of a table setting. Click on this and you are given a list of ideas (or rules) of setting a pleasant table. You are then shown exactly how to set a table - where the forks and glasses go, etc. This is beautifully done and very educational. I love it!

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*I received this book, from the publisher, for review purposes through The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Crew*


Rachel @ Finding Joy said...

That's very interesting about the oats. I'm going to try this now. Your review of the book has made it intriguing to me. I think I might just check it out.

Blessings to you.


Cindy said...

I soak our oats sometimes. My problem is thinking ahead. :) I love Sue Greggs cookbooks. I haven't seen her whole foods cooking though. I think this will be on my wishlist.

Mrs. White said...

Thanks Rachel!

Cindy, I'm glad to hear you have soaked oats. I really need to try it!

Anonymous said...

Greetings Mrs. White,

This is such a lovely venue to give a 'praise' to our dear 14 year old daughter, who does the majority of the cooking at our home. (I have 'severe' Fibromyalgia and am 'vertical' for only a few hours a day).

She has been studying a variety of healthy cooking methods/recipes (all on her own) such as: raw foods, simple whole-food recipes and indigenous international recipes (we had Groundnut Stew for dinner last night - an African recipe with meat, tomatoes and peanut butter).

It would be a JOY to be able to present her with this particular cookbook!!

grateful for His grip, HveHope

Anonymous said...

Mrs. White,

I meant to comment about Agave Nectar.

Until last month you would have heard me 'wax eloquent' about this wonderful sweetener (which is especially useful in sweetening cold drinks because it dissolves readily). Sadly, I just found out it is processed in a way that 'makes it act' in our bodies the same way as high fructose corn syrup.

May I urge you to study this for yourself? I am conflicted, personally. Partly because I believe in all things in moderation, and partly because I find it hard to believe the latest 'hype' surrounding practically anything. Sigh.

Oh, and we had a lunch of fellowship with a couple last Sunday, the wife of whom is a nutritionist who uses Agave Nectar. And she had not heard of the current controversy surrounding it.

grateful for His grip, HveHope

Anonymous said...

Mrs. White,

Just as an FYI, I am an 'email subscriber' (and grateful that you provide such an option).

Thank you for your efforts to encourage us wives/mothers in our 'high calling'. Though I personally cannot do much (at this season of my life - in prior seasons I was quite full of vigour) your encouragements 'trickle down' to the children in our household.

grateful for His grip,

P.S. Happy Blog~anniversary

Mrs. White said...

Dear HveHope,

It sounds like you have a wonderful daughter!

As for Agave Nectar, I don't know anything about it. I am so glad you mentioned it and told me there is some negative aspect to it.

I love pure maple syrup (Vermont maple syrup of course!), honey and fruit juice for sweeteners in baking. But, more often than not I am using good old granulated sugar! (Even thought I shouldn't!)

Anyway, I hope you are feeling okay today!

Mrs. White said...

Dear HveHope,

Thanks so much for the well wishes! Good to know you are a subscriber. I appreciate your taking the time to comment!

Have a wonderful day!

Michelle Smith said...

I also posted my review of 3 of Sue Gregg's cookbooks today. I really do appreciate her cookbooks, and we've incorporated quite a few of her recipes into our family's menu now. I just wanted to comment that soaking the oats gives them a smoother texture. Not better or worse, really, just different and takes a little getting used to. :)