Thursday, April 8, 2010

When Mama is Moody

Singin' in the Rain

For the past couple of weeks, I have had moments of extreme moodiness. The last few days have been the worst! I am nice and happy, but then some trial comes or some overwhelming irritation happens and I am not in the best of moods. I want to share a couple of things I have learned to do, in order to cheer up and "snap out of it!"

1. Watch fun black-and-white movies like "Singing in the Rain." (Very effective)

2. Read an enormous amount of Erma Bombeck. (Hugely effective!)

3. Sing hymns to myself, while locked up in another room (smiles). (Somewhat effective)

4. Bake cookies and eat several while they are still warm (before telling anyone else they are ready). (Kind of effective)

5. Sit in a chair, reading, and forgetting about everything that has to be done. (Very helpful on stressful days)

6. Talk on the phone to my oldest daughter and listen to all her funny stories. (Hugely effective)

7. Announce to the family - "I am not in a good mood. This is a warning. I cannot be responsible for my actions if you try to speak to me at this moment." (smiles) (Then exit-stage right!) (I always laugh after saying this and calm down pretty quickly - so this is somewhat effective.)

8. Smile in spite of myself. (Maybe the action itself will cause the mood to change?) (Somewhat effective.)

9. Read a really interesting "fluff" book that is only good for its entertainment quality. (highly effective)

10. Fold Laundry. (Okay, I am the strange-type. I admit this. But seriously.... if you start folding laundry, everyone else runs out of the room because they don't want to help. Then you have a quiet room all to yourself.) (Somewhat effective)

Okay, tell me what you do to get yourself out of a bad mood. I could really use your suggestions this week! But in the meantime I am going to start with #2.

Hope your day is better than mine!!

Mrs. White


mommyx12 said...

I love to walk. And especially when I need to unwind. Works every time.

Anonymous said...

I know how that goes. I soak in the bath with epson salts and cry out to God. I kneed bread sometimes. Do chores. Drink chamomile tea. Eat chocolate. The thing that I am not proud of is I become indifferent to the one I love who hurt me. You get tired of feeling.

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