Friday, May 21, 2010

Fit Mommy (Week 20)

The following is my check-in for Fit Mommy Friday. It is hosted by Denise. This is a way for many of us to encourage one another, to share our progress and to meet our own fitness goals. When you visit our blogs and read about our week, would you take a minute to share an encouraging comment?

Here's my week:

Morning - 45 minute workout.


I was gone all day.
Very late evening- Did target toning exercises with light weights.

Morning- 30 minute workout. (Just for fun.) This was going to be my rest day, but I couldn't help myself. The workout was calling me. (smiles)

Morning - 45 minute work out.

Nutritional Accomplishment - Ate light and mostly healthy. I had one small piece of chocolate cake, and lots of soda, but one cannot be perfect.

Fitness Goal: To have strength and endurance. I do not have any weight to lose, but need to keep my energy levels high and avoid eating too much sugary, junk food.

Will you join the Fit Mommies? There are 3 levels - beginner through advanced and we'd love to have you!

Mrs. White


Lorie said...

Great job, Mrs. White. I dream of getting to 45 minute workouts someday!

~ Denise ~ said...

You did a great job this week! I love how you mentioned the chocolate cake and soda and how "one cannot be perfect." :) Sounds like my week, for sure!

Michelle said...

Good job, Mrs. White! I am still not up to 45 minute workouts either!

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