Friday, May 28, 2010

Fit Mommy (Week 21)

The following is my check-in for Fit Mommy Friday. It is hosted by Denise. This is a way for many of us to encourage one another, to share our progress and to meet our own fitness goals. When you visit our blogs and read about our week, would you take a minute to share an encouraging comment?

Here's my week:


Evening - 30 minute workout with Amy (15). I am helping to prepare her for new classes in Classical Ballet, which start in June. She needs to work on strength and maintaining her position for long periods of time.

Morning -Short, 10 minute workout.

Evening - 15 minute ab-workout, using a DVD instructional tape. (A review product.)

Morning - 30 minute workout using light weights

Morning - 20 minute workout - no weights.(I really didn't have the energy to do more than this.)

Nutritional Failure- Let's see how it went.... One hot fudge sundae, 3 Ghirardelli brownies and four slices of delicious homemade pizza. It didn't happen in one day, but it did happen. (smiles)

Fitness Goal: To have strength and endurance. I do not have any weight to lose, but need to keep my energy levels high and avoid eating too much sugary, junk food.

How was your week?

Mrs. White


Lorie said...

Good job with the exercising, Mrs. White.

I don't think homemade pizza counts as junk food. Does it? Perhaps I am fooling myself. Hmmm.. :)

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