Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Light Speed- History of the U.S. - AP Exam Prep

TOS Crew Review

Product: 2 Discs- DVD and Digital Workbook, Light Speed History of the U.S. - AP Exam Prep

Publisher: Cerebellum Corporation

Price: Sale - $11.24

I have to be honest. I don't know anything about the Advanced Placement Exam. I had to review this from a more basic perspective.  Here is what this product is all about:

You will find a digital workbook on one of the disks. Simply place this into your computer drive, wait a few minutes and a file will come up. You need adobe reader to access this, which most computers already have. This workbook should be printed out. It is 23 pages long. It will help viewers obtain the most benefit from the video. This workbook includes charts, writing prompts (for the essays), games and quizzes. It will help your student learn and retain the information needed to succeed on the AP exam.

The video (DVD) is 73 minutes long. It is on the second disk. The program is hosted by speakers who look like college students. They are there to give you the inside scoop. They are well spoken, clean cut and friendly. They made the whole experience interesting and fun.

There are three segments:

"Taking the Test" 

This is a detailed explanation of what to expect on the test. There are tips and strategies to help you do well. 

"Writing the Essays;" 

You will hear details, tips and a plan for writing.

"30 in 30."

Get ready! There are 30 topics presented quickly.  Speakers take turns introducing a key point and description. You will see text on the screen to help you retain information. Fun images and maps appear  in each segment. 

Overall Impression

The program is fast paced and really holds your attention. This is an efficient, brilliant way to study a quick version of U.S History.  If you, like me, would like to adapt this for a regular homeschool project, here's a suggestion:

Have your student view this while using the workbook. Let them do the assignments and take the tests. You could do a few sections each week and take your time. Let students do the quizzes while watching the video. (The answers are in the book so you can easily check their work.)  It should only take a few minutes but will certainly peak their curiosity.  When you are all finished, wait a week or two. Then let them watch the video again (without the workbook). A few days later, give them the quizzes (without the video) and see how they do!

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*I received this product, from the publisher, for review purposes through The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Crew *


Lori Watson said...

Love the idea you shared! We're not doing the AP exams, but I liked these as an addition to whatever curricula you're already using too. I want to pick a couple more topics. I definitely may use your plan!