Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday's Front Porch Visit - Activities at Home

Southern Grace

Come on over and join me on the front porch for our Monday visit!

It is almost supper-time already and I haven't even visited with you yet! We've been busy playing games for most of the day. But I did manage to accomplish a few things.

Matthew (17) was looking for loose change around the house. I offered him $5 in coins which were in my purse. This is what he said, "Why don't you make me a list of chores in exchange for the money." I smiled brightly and said, "I really like you Matt!" He is such a good boy. Then I mentioned I had more money available if he wanted to do a ton of heavy cleaning. He grinned and said, "Make a list." So, I have an extremely clean home and Matt is rich. (smiles)

Amy (15) did all of her schoolwork today. She even woke up at a reasonable time this morning. When we were at church yesterday, our pastor spoke about Veterans and those in the Army. Then Taps were played and Reveille. That gave me the most lovely idea... *sly grin*. I think I can wake up Amy in the morning by playing Reveille:

I just have to figure out how to take this sound and bring it to her room??

John (12) did most of his homework today. He moved up to the next level in Math and was delighted!

We have been enjoying a nice quiet day. We have been playing "Clue" throughout the afternoon. Amy invented a quick version which is really fun.

I have been reading Jane Austen's Emma to Amy during school time. I slowly read two paragraphs a day and have her copy it down in her notebook, in her neatest handwriting. Then she looks at the book and corrects any spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors. It is a nice way to read through Jane's work together.

I saw my father out in the yard. (He and Mother live with us.) He has been mowing the grass and waving to me, while John and I play a little basketball. We just take turns throwing the ball into the hoop.

I still have some laundry to do and supper to plan. I have to run to the market and pick something up. I have no idea what to make. I better look through my cookbooks for an idea.

What are you making for supper?

Mrs. White


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Michele said...

Mrs. White~it sounds like you are having a lovely day! We have had a quiet day today playing and doing laundry and a few other household chores. For supper we are having macaroni salad, deviled eggs, fresh hot house tomatoes (about as good as they get unitl Jersey tomatoes come in) and burgers on the grill and strawberry short cake for dessert.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fantastic way to start the week. We spent the day working in the garden, and planting a few flowers in front of he house. Then took our two youngest and a couple of their friends to the river to cool off.

Dinner was a pre-made home cooked turkey tetrazini with a big salad. Tonight is home made pizza. I am hoping I have some pineapple left to put on top.

Enjoy your family this week.

Kathy said...

Tonight is red beans and rice. High fiber, not too expensive, and filling. Throw a salad on the table with it, and dinner's done.

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