Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday's Front Porch Visit - Precious Gospel Music

Southern Grace

Come on over and join me on the front porch for our Monday visit!

Last night, I stayed up late listening to old country gospel songs. Have you ever heard of Bill Monroe? He sang this precious song, called The Wayfaring Stanger. It made me so sad to watch him sing that. It reminds me of my southern roots and the old time religion. It also reminds me of my father and grandparents and all the wise, elderly saints who have little time left on this earth. I want their deep faith and longing for heaven.

Next, I found a recording artist I had never heard of.  His name is Ralph Stanley. Such a precious voice he has! You can hear samples of his music from his CD, Mountain Preacher's Child. His music reminds me of Kentucky in the 1930's and the deep faith they had for God.  These are the kinds of people who will get together and sing stories, real life stories and make you cry and pray while you listen. They have this gift in them and they can not help but sing. You can tell they don't do this for money, it is just like someone came along and secretly recorded their precious daily lives, and their voices echo in the mountain air. They teach us amazing spiritual truths with their old time music. You want to just go out there and visit them and soak up all their wisdom!

Listen to There'll be none on the other side and Will the Circle Be Unbroken to see what I mean.  It gives you a heavenly focus and really helps you take your mind off this world.

This morning, I have been listening to more gospel music. I even made a wish list of all the music I wanted to purchase through Amazon. But, of course, I can't do that! I will have to just enjoy listening to the samples or whatever I can find online, here and there. Someday, I will build up an amazing collection of this old-time music to share with my descendants. They will point to the large library and say, "That was Grandma's sacred collection of books and music." They will be curious. They will find that this life brings only heartache and will yearn for something better. They will start listening to Grandmother's old time music and read her books and they will weep with a joyful heart. They will have found the treasure to get them through this life, even after I am dead and gone.

Mrs. White


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