Thursday, May 6, 2010

Taking a Break from My Housework


This morning, I pulled out my ironing board. It is set up near my kitchen.  I am ironing some fabric for an apron I am working on. I have projects, here and there, throughout the house that are waiting for my creative attention. Yesterday, I organized John's room and made it all neat and clean. We had moved some furniture out of there and it needed my attention.

I haven't baked cookies in at least a week. This afternoon, I plan to mix up a half-batch, since I only have a small amount of chocolate chips left. I love fresh baked cookies!

I am making shepherds pie for supper. This is a recipe my Mother-in-Law gave me many years ago.  I just brown some burger, then layer this on the bottom of a glass rectangular pan.  I take boiled potatoes, mash them up and put them aside. Next, I top the burger with one can of creamed corn and one can of regular corn. I spread this out. Then I top this with some mashed potatoes. I bake this in a 350 degree oven for about 20 or so minutes, until the top is lightly browned. It's an easy and quick supper to make.  I will serve fresh carrots and broccoli on the side.

I have a quick errand to do this afternoon, but I will bring my hand-sewing project with me. I have to wait in the car for a little while, so this will keep me occupied.

Nicole (20) called me from college the other day. She said, "Mom, what are you up to?"  I sat in my favorite chair, put down the dish cloth I was holding and said, "I am just taking a break from my housework." She thought that was the cutest thing. (smiles). She is busy studying, going to classes, working, and thinks my life at home is "cute."  She is precious.

I love to make a home, throughout the day. I love to invent new ideas to make each room  functional and special. I like to plan out nice foods to bake and cook. I enjoy sewing and ironing and I even like hanging clothes on the line.  These tasks make my breaks "deserved," or "earned." So when I sit down with a cup of tea and a brownie (or cookie), I am just taking a break from my housework.

Mrs. White
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Debbie said...

This was a lovely post, Mrs. White! I was just thinking this week how much I enjoy taking care of my home. I have been spending so much time lately working at the computer and meeting various other obligations, I am burning myself out. I have taken several afternoons this week just to clean and organize and bake and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

You are a great example to me like I have said before. Forgive my flattery but it's my nature to comment on the beauty that I see.

AsSnugAsABug said...

Glad that you are finding enjoyment in what you do. Mmmmm, cookies :)

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